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Created by Department of Instructional Technology.

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1 Created by Department of Instructional Technology

2 What is ANGEL? ANGEL is a Web-based course management and collaboration tool that helps instructors, students and parents communicate and collaborate quickly, easily and effectively. Using ANGEL and a Web browser, teachers can easily distribute course content such as homework assignments, quizzes and tests, lessons and presentations taught during class, and links to articles and web site resources. Instructors can use ANGEL features such as discussion forums, drop boxes for electronic retrieval of assignments, survey tools, and course email to encourage student participation and collaboration

3 Watch the CCPS Overview Video 10 minute video Overview_Video.html

4 Getting Started as a STUDENT Go to the ANGEL Home Page Log in a student – (studentdemo, angel) Personal Home Page Navigation tools Nuggets Preferences Personal Information Change Password Theme Selector Courses Community Groups Toolbox Course Mail

5 Course Overview To access a course, click its name in the Courses section of your personal home page. When the course opens, you can navigate the course-related information by using two different sets navigation tools: the navigation tabs or the course guide Navigation Tabs and Breadcrumbs

6 Course Guide The Course Guide opens the same pages as the navigation tabs, but also provides additional tools. To open and close the Course Guide, click the Guide bar located to the right of the Home button Open and Close the Course Guide by clicking on the tab. The “Contents” view of the Course tab

7 How could I use ANGEL as a teacher? Basic classroom management Post course/class announcements Place homework assignment start and due dates on the course calendar Post the presentations and/or files you give in class for students to review or students to retrieve (great for absent students!) Organize content that will be delivered to students by week, topic, chapter, etc. and determine when that content becomes visible to the students. Give assessments as review/practice, both summative and/or formative. Put questions in a question bank so they can be re-used and given in many forms again and again. Use Drop Boxes to electronically turn in assignments (no paper). Teacher can grade and return to student electronically. Communicate with Discussion Forums, Blogs and Wikis.

8 Log into Demo Course as a teacher. http://angel.collier.k12.fl.us - Log in as teacherdemo, password angel. TASKS under the Demo Course – quick way to get to items that need graded or have been submitted. (#) Ungraded Items – click and it will take you directly to the ungraded items Unread Discussion posts Course Guide buttons/Map Preferences Change theme Preview Tool to see what student will see click on eyeglasses next to name upper right Click Begin Preview Lesson Tab - Add additional content

9 Where can I get more information about ANGEL? CCPS ANGEL Support website x.htm x.htm

10 How do we get additional training? Trainings session will be scheduled and posted on the calendar on the training Section of the CCPS ANGEL Support web site ( /training.htm) ( /training.htm) Trainings will be provided via Video conference accessible from each high school OR Scheduled by your BTC for your school site (must have a minimum of 5 participants to receive training on school site.)

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