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New Faculty Orientation Blackboard Academic Suite 7.1 University of the Pacific June 28, 2015.

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1 New Faculty Orientation Blackboard Academic Suite 7.1 University of the Pacific June 28, 2015

2 Objectives : Present the procedures necessary to access Pacific’s Academic Suite, and familiarize users with the Blackboard interface. Familiarize new members of the faculty with the procedures necessary to access Pacific’s Blackboard Academic Suite. Introduce and explain the use of those Blackboard features and tools most commonly used on the Pacific campus to manage content, communicate with users, and assess student performance. Provide information regarding support options for using the Blackboard software at Pacific, including how to acquire new course or organization sites.

3 Agenda : Introductions Hosting Pacific’s Blackboard Academic Suite Accessing Blackboard Sites Requesting Sites Add and Manage Content Communication Tools Assessment and Gradebook Features New This Year Support Options

4 Off Campus On Campus Internet Server (On Campus) Internet Server (Private) World Wide Web Blackboard, Inc. ASP (24/7 Management) User Anytime/Anywhere Connectivity

5 Can be accessed directly or thru insidePacific. Though login information (PacificNet ID and password) submitted at the Gateway Page, authentication occurs at Pacific’s on campus Active Directory server. PacificNet IDs and passwords must be current. Accounts must be initially added to the underlying Oracle database. Temporary PacificNet IDs can be requested. Logging In:

6 Requesting Site Creation Sites are created by request to provide the greatest flexibility, such as combining multiple sections of a class. Sites are usually created within 24 hours. Both course and organization sites. To request a specific site, please send an email* to: Nathan Finley: Jim Thompson: *Though email requests are preferred, you can call Pacific Blackboard Support at 209-946-2147

7 Posting Content Content can be directly keyed, copy/pasted, or posted (copied and uploaded) as electronic files of virtually any format, such as.doc,.xls,.ppt,.pdf,.html, and any web- appropriate image, audio or video format. Posted content can be viewed, printed, and/or downloaded. Hyperlinks to external and internal resources can be easily incorporated to create multi-dimensional access to content from within the site. Multimedia files can be directly added to display on the page. All content can be time-released to meet the course schedule and/or Copyright and Fair Use guidelines.

8 Communication and Collaboration Students and Instructors can communicate via “push” email from within the course site. Discussion Boards enable asynchronous discussion among instructors and students along with the sharing of content. The Digital Drop Box enables students to submit and instructors to review and return documents. Collaboration Tools enable synchronous (live) “chat” sessions.

9 Assessment and Gradebook Instructors can create and deliver online quizzes and surveys. Quizzes and surveys provide multiple question types, including narratives. Quizzes and surveys can be automatically “graded” and calculated by the Blackboard software. Online gradebook can be downloaded to.csv file and manipulated in traditional spreadsheet program or data table. Use of the online gradebook enables students to access their individual grades (and other information) at any time.

10 Being Introduced This Year Blackboard-based Content Collections enabling individual storage, sharing, and reuse of content. ePortfolio creation capabilities. Integrated eReserves Wikis and Blogs Horizon Wimba

11 Ongoing Blackboard Support Options Contact the Pacific Blackboard Support Team for: Assistance with specific site-related issues. Customized, one-on-one training. Course or organization site creation. Any other Blackboard-related request. Main Library, Room 231 Telephone: (209) 946-2147 Nathan Finley ( Jim Thompson (

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