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English Teaching Methodology Class 1: Introduction by Claire Pan Sep.18.2007.

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1 English Teaching Methodology Class 1: Introduction by Claire Pan Sep.18.2007

2 Class Requirements  Attendance is highly valued. If you can’t make it to school, please call a leave through the school website and make a copy for verification. If you are found absent without any official proof, your final score will be deducted by 5 points each time. This course takes a lot of discussions so your absence may cause trouble to your partners.

3  Demonstration is required for each group. After your group is formed, topics will be selected for presentation. After each presentation, the whole class will comment on it and hand in it the next week. There will be at least two presentations for each group. One is about a teaching method. The other is a given lesson for teaching the four (listening, speaking, reading and writing) or subskills (pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary).

4  You have to submit any assignment on time.  Every student is required to participate in class and group discussion to earn your points.  Before each presentation, please discuss with me one week earlier before your presentation. Unprepared demonstration is not allowed.  Please visit my homepage for class announcements and files every week before you come to class.  If you want to make an appointment with me, you can leave a note on my door and contact me through email.

5 Teaching Objectives  By introducing current English teaching approaches, their underlying principles, teaching of the four and sub-skills and language assessment, students will have an overview of theory and practice pertinent to English teaching and learning.

6 Evaluation  presentation 20%; midterm 25% final 25%, participation and attendance 10% quizzes 20%; 5 points for extra credits

7 Links to me  My homepage:  My MSN: chiahsing_pan  My email:  My office: 407; 07-6158000-4007  My blog:  My office hours and courses: posted on my office door.

8 A basic understanding  Examples of English learning in a movie Q Q 4 4 Why do we learn English? -A story reading for warm-up (Bilingual Education)

9 What is a good English teacher?  Brainstorm what a good English teacher has.  Write down your answer for next week.

10 Textbook  Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching By Larsen-Freeman, Oxford University Press  Self-compiled package  Other resources from the Internet

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