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WMO WW-OSC 2014 Michel Béland, President CAS WMO; CAS, EC-65.

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1 WMO WW-OSC 2014 Michel Béland, President CAS WMO; CAS, EC-65

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4 test footer 4 Co-ChairDr. Michel BélandPresident of CAS Environment Canada Co-ChairDr. Alan ThorpeDirector General of ECMWF President-elect of ICSUDr. Gordon McBeanInstitute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction The University of West Ontario Secretary General of IAMAS Prof. Hans VolkertSecretary-General of IAMAS IAMAS WMO OfficialsDr. Deon TerblancheDirector, Atmospheric Research Department WMO From CanadaDr Véronique BouchetEnvironment Canada From USA:Dr William LapentaNOAA/NCEP From USA:Dr James HurrellUCAR From :Dr. Julia SlingoChief Scientist MetOffice From AsiaDr Meiyan JiaoDeputy Administrator of CMA From Africa:Dr. Albert van JaarsveldPresident, National Research Foundation of South Africa From South AmericaDr. Pedro Leite da Silva DiasDirector of LNSC (National Laboratory for Scientific Computation) Brazil From Australia:Dr Jon GillManager, International Affairs Bureau of Meteorology From NSFDr. Roger WakimotoAssistant Director for the Geosciences National Science Foundation (NSF) International Organizing Committee

5 test footer 5 WMO representatives Executive IOC Secretary Co-chairs of WSPC Co-chairs of USSPC Chair of Local Organizing Committee Chair of Sponsorship Committee Communications Canadian National Research Council Dr. Tetsuo Nakazawa Mme Sophie Cousineau Dr. Gilbert Brunet Dr. Sarah Jones Dr. David Rogers Dr. Brian Mills Mr Jean Langlais Mr Jim Abraham Mme Sylvie Castonguay (WMO) Mr Laurier Forget Mme Sylvie Couture Ex-officio members

6 test footer 6 1. Provide overall leadership for the organization of the OSC 2. Provide oversight on the scientific and user and social sciences program structures 3. Help Identify and or approve invited or keynote speakers 4. Provide oversight and contribute, as necessary to the financial, communications, sponsorships and technical planning 5. Make final decisions on matters related to the OSC overall budget, financial support to participants and sponsorship s TERMS OF REFERENCE OF IOC

7 test footer 7 6. Establish a Scientific Program Committee (SPC) and a User Program Committee (UPC): their mandates will be to define the format of the OSC, including the selection of conveners and of the abstracts for presentation at the OSC 7. Provide oversight to the Local Organizing Committee 8. Provide oversight to the venue (Palais des Congrès) on all logistical arrangements 9. Ensure that the OSC is conducted in line with Canadian and WMO policies /procedures TERMS OF REFERENCE OF IOC (Cont.)

8 WEATHER SCIENCE PROGRAM The overarching theme of the OSC is Seamless Prediction of the Earth System: from nowcasting through medium-range to seasonal forecasts. The science presented at the conference will range from basic research that extends our knowledge of processes and methods to the applied research required to put the prediction system together and assess the impacts of weather and climate events. The scientific program will be organized around five science themes: Data Assimilation and Observations; Predictability and Dynamical/Physical/Chemical Processes; Interactions between sub-systems; Prediction of the Earth system: putting it all together; Impacts of weather and climate events (joint session with UPC) A particular focus will be given also to major cross cutting themes, such as ensemble prediction. test footer 8

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10 10 The overall theme of the OSC is Seamless Prediction of the Earth System: from nowcasting through medium-range to seasonal forecasts. With improved and seamless prediction capability as the scientific programme backdrop, the User, Application and Social Science Programme provides an open forum where the experiences and perspectives of a wide variety of information providers and users will be combined with the latest applications and methodological advances in social science to: Demonstrate and document recent progress, highlighting and sharing lessons from both successful and less successful projects and applications; Identify and deliberate areas of practice, social science research methods, and training and education requiring new or continued attention; Expand and connect the interdisciplinary weather and society community; and Develop conference positions and recommendations regarding the state and advancement of knowledge and practice. User, Application and Social Science Program

11 USER AND SOCIAL SCIENCE COMMITTEE Bill Hooke--AMS Bill Mahoney--NCAR Hassan Virji--START Claire Martin--CBC/International Association of Broadcast Meteorologists Rowan Douglas--Willis (insurance) Haleh KootvalWMO Michel Jancloes (HCF, formerly WHO) Eve Gruntfest (University of Colorado) test footer 11

12 Thank you for your attention This space can be used for contact information

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