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ClimDev-Africa Program & African Climate Policy Center (ACPC)

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1 ClimDev-Africa Program & African Climate Policy Center (ACPC)
AMCEN Special Session Side Event 27 May 2009

2 Presentation Outline Program Specificity
Program Stakeholders and Beneficiaries Program Description Program Governance Implementation and Monitoring Program Financing

3 Program Specificity ClimDev-Africa – A unique regional initiative, jointly undertaken by the AUC, ECA and AfDB, with highest-level political endorsement Designed to respond to climate change and variability challenges for Africa’s development, with focus on climate-sensitive sectors: Agriculture and food security; water resources; energy; health Aimed at: Increasing the resilience of Africa’s population to climate change by enabling effective adaptation activities Addressing the need for greatly improved climate information for Africa Strengthening the use of such information for decision-making by improving analytical capacity, knowledge management and dissemination activities

4 Program Specificity - Thrust
Filling gaps in information, analysis and options required by policy and decision-makers at all levels Building a solid foundation for science-based response to climate change Strengthening Africa’s climate and development institutions at regional, sub-regional and national levels Providing a framework for coordinated increased level of activities for adaptation to climate change Assisting in sound policy-making based on information and policy options analysis

5 Program Stakeholders and Beneficiaries
Ultimate beneficiaries: Rural and urban communities with climate sensitive livelihoods Immediate beneficiaries: Policymakers of RECs, RBOs, National governments, parliaments, African negotiators Principal stakeholders: Development practitioners who need to integrate climate change adaptation in their areas of intervention Policy analysts and researchers who need climate information as input to their work Regional, sub-regional and national climate, meteorological and hydrological services and research institutions that provide the data and information services required RECs and RBOs that coordinate sub-regional ACC action Relevant national sectoral ministries

6 Programme description – Results Areas
Results area 1: Widely available climate information, packaging and dissemination Objective: Policymakers, policy support organisations and the population at large have access to comprehensive, useful climate information Results area 2: Quality analysis for decision support and management practice Objective: Enhanced scientific capacity producing effective and quality policy-supporting analyses and best practices on different levels (regional to local) Results area 3: Informed decision-making, awareness and advocacy Objective: Improved policy dialogue and support to climate and development policymaking processes at the continental, sub-regional, national and local levels Results area 4: Evidence-based value of mainstreaming climate information into development through implementation of pilot adaptation practices

7 Program Description – Inputs (1)
Political leadership provided by the AUC, who will co-ordinate the Continental policy response and global negotiations ECA-based African Climate Policy Center (ACPC) to serve as ClimDev-Africa knowledge-management and Policy-facilitation arm ClimDev-Africa Special Fund to provide a channel for demand-led funding of implementing institutions across Africa – Based at and managed by AfDB

8 Program Description – Inputs (2)
Thrust of the work of ACPC Deliver on the Policy component of ClimDev- Africa Assist, with UNEP and through AUC and AMCEN, Africa’s preparation for, and participation in global climate negotiations Support efforts of member States in mainstreaming climate change concerns into their development policies and frameworks Guide and facilitate the implementation of ClimDev-Africa field-level operations

9 Program Description – Inputs (3)
Main activities of ACPC work: With focus on development policies and strategies for priority climate-sensitive sectors: Policy research and analysis (CC vulnerability, impacts, adaptation costs/benefits & policy options) Policy advocacy, communication and outreach Consensus building at the regional level Capacity strengthening, technical advice and assistance Knowledge management and peer learning Facilitation of field-level operations development and implementation

10 Programme Governance ClimDev-Africa will be governed by the following organs: Chief Executive Board (CEB) of the AUC/ECA/AfDB Joint Secretariat and AMCEN: To provide overall program oversight Program Steering Committee (PSC): To provide operational/implementation oversight of the Program Expert Panel of Technical Advisors: for quality assurance of policy development and technical review of project proposals for funding Annual African Climate and Development Conference: to maintain linkages with all relevant stakeholders engaged in the ClimDev-Africa process

11 Programme Governance

12 Implementation and Monitoring (1)
ClimDev-Africa will be implemented progressively, starting in 2009 Inception actions in 2009: Putting in place the basic management and policy capacity of the ACPC (office, staffing) Initiating ACPC website (using ECA web management facilities) Preparing detailed project implementation documents and work plans Initiating policy-making activities (studies, advocacy, consensus-building) Implementing ClimDev-Africa Special Fund (procedures and processes, criteria for funding approval, call for funding applications from prioritized organisations)

13 Implementation and Monitoring (2)
Field-level operations ( ) Embedding the functioning of ClimDev-Africa at field (sub-regional and national) level Based on detailed work plans developed in 2009 Monitoring and reporting in 3 areas: Operation of the overall ClimDev-Africa program Activities funded by the ClimDev-Africa Special Fund Performance of administrative and financial functions

14 Program Financing Financing will be provided through a blend of programmatic funding and pooled Special Fund modalities Indicative total budget is estimated at about $140m over 4 years (including additional capacity at AUC and REC levels) Special Fund meant to be demand-led, implies the indicative budget estimate will be revised based on demand

15 Thank you

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