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Forestry value chain meeting

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1 Forestry value chain meeting
The Knowledge based Bio-Economy Forestry value chain meeting Barcelona, 12/09/2005 Martin Greimel Scientific Officer Dir. E “Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food Research” European Commission Research Directorate-General

2 FP 7: Specific Programmes
1) Cooperation – Collaborative research 2) Ideas – Frontier research 3) People – Human Potential 4) Capacities – Research Capacity + JRC (non-nuclear) JRC (nuclear) Euratom

3 FP 7: Commission Proposal
Cooperation - Collaborative research: 9 themes Budget (million €)* Health Food, agriculture and biotechnology Information and communication technologies Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies Energy Environment (including climate change) Transport (including aeronautics) Socio-economic sciences and the humanities Security and space Sum * for seven years

4 Food, agriculture and biotechnology: Objectives
Build a European Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) Respond to social and economic challenges: High quality food and sustainable food production Food-related disorders (cardiovascular, obesity …) Infectious animal diseases and zoonoses Sustainable agriculture/forestry and climate change Clean biomaterials from renewable bio-resources Involve all stakeholders (incl. industry) in research Support Policy Respond quickly to emerging research needs

The Forestry-Wood Chain in the Knowledge based Bio-Economy Consumer choice Consumer choice Multiple USES OF WOOD PULP & PAPER Environmentally sound processing of wood fibre Renewable biomaterials/bioenergy WHITE BIOTECH CLEAN BIOPROCESSES OF RAW MATERIALS/WASTE PROCESSING GREEN BIOTECH OPTIMISED RAW MATERIALS PRODUCTION SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF FOREST RESOURCES (Multifunctionality, Rural development, Biodiversity, Life cycle approaches)

6 Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology in FP7
Three activities Sustainable production and management of biological resources from land, forest, and aquatic environments “Fork to farm”: Food, health and well being Life sciences and biotechnology for sustainable non-food products and processes

7 The Forestry-Wood Chain in Activity 1:
Sustainable and competitive forestry: will enhance consumers confidence in forest based products and improve the competitiveness of the forest sector Improved/novel trees and production systems: will lead to improved/novel forest based raw materials Policy tools for forestry and RD: will allow the optimal allocation and market access of forest based products

8 The Forestry-Wood Chain in Activity 3:
Bio-catalysis; new biorefinery concepts: will broaden the application of forest based materials Improved/novel forest based products and processes: will enable the sector to meet consumers expectations Environmental sound and cleaner products and processes: will raise the environmental profile of forest based products

9 KBBE research is meeting future challenges:
* Securing the availability of renewable raw materials, while supporting the varied uses of forests and safeguarding biodiversity, through sustainable forest management * Obtaining an economic and environmental balance in using forest biomass for products and energy, as well as substantially improving the industry’s energy efficiency * Providing products and services that respond to changes in societal needs * Developing and designing new products that can be recycled, reused and finally converted to bio-energy

10 Technology Platforms - Commission
Commission encouraged the set up of TPs, acts as an observer Commission supports operational entities (secretariats) of TPs SRAs have been an important (not the sole!!) input to identify the 9 thematic priorities of FP7 Commission supports those parts of the implementation stage of the SRA that fits with the goals of EU research policy

11 FP7: Structure Seventh Framework Programme
Specific Programme „Cooperation“ Theme 2 „Food, agriculture and biotechnology“

12 Food, agriculture and biotechnology
Activities within the themes: Collaborative projects; Networks of Excellence; Coordination/support actions Integration of new and emerging science and technologies (NEST) Support to policy development (CAP, RD, EU-Forest Strategy, EU-Forest Action Plan,…) International co-operation ERA-NET activities Joint Calls with other themes (e.g. environment,…)

13 Annual workprogrammes for Activity 1, 2 and 3
FP7: Structure Seventh Framework Programme Specific Programme „Cooperation“ Theme 2 „Food, agriculture and biotechnology“ Annual workprogrammes for Activity 1, 2 and 3 Call for proposals

14 Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI)
Promise significant technological advances Need long term public-private-partnership Support through regular instruments of FP is not enough Set up follows a thorough and rigorous identification process 6 JTIs so far: e.g. Aeronautics, Embedded Systems,…

15 Information sources General information
General information on research Information on research programmes Information requests

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