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Colonial Regions Environment, Culture, and Migration.

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1 Colonial Regions Environment, Culture, and Migration.

2 The Three Regions  New England New England New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island  Middle Colonies Middle Colonies New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware  Southern Colonies Southern Colonies Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

3  Subsistence Farming – Growing only what you need  Timber and Ship Building  Fishing and Whaling  Manufactured Goods  Trading New England Economy

4 New England Social RELIGION  Separatists/Pilgrims  Puritans  Strict religious rules  Closed communities – Intolerant of different ideas

5 GOVERNMENT  Self-Governing Charters  Town Meetings  The Mayflower Compact  The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut New England Political Massachusetts New Hampshire Connecticut Rhode Island

6 New England eNvironment GEOGRAPHY  Mountainous  Rocky, hard soil – Very Short Growing Season (long cold winters) Bad for farming  Large Forests  Natural Harbors (on the Atlantic Ocean)

7  Farmed Wheat, Oat, Barley and Rye – Called the “Bread Colonies”  Shipbuilding  Skilled craftsmen  Some trade Middle Colonies Economy

8 RELIGION  Quakers  German Baptists  French Huguenots  Portuguese Jews  Dutch Mennonite (Amish)  Lutherans  Anglicans Middle Colonies Social

9 GOVERNMENT  Proprietary Charters  Religious Freedom and Tolerance  Freedom of the Press  Strong Courts Middle Colonies Political New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

10 Middle Colonies eNvironment GEOGRAPHY  Plenty of waterways – Rivers – Lakes  Warm summers and mild winters  Long growing season  Fertile soil

11  Farmed Tobacco, Rice, Indigo, and Cotton.  Grew “cash crops” on plantations  Purchase manufactured goods. Southern Colonies Economy

12 Southern Colonies Social  English Plantation Owners, Indentured Servants, Transported Criminals, and Slaves  Most Southern colonies focused on making a profit, not on religion – Maryland: religious freedom for Catholics – Virginia: Jamestown and tobacco – North Carolina: first English attempt at a colony (Roanoke) – Georgia: founded for debtors and prisoners  Religious freedom: Most were Anglican (Church of England)

13 GOVERNMENT  Joint-Stock and Proprietary Charters  The House of Burgesses  Colonies run for the profit of the Joint- Stock Company or Proprietors Southern Colonies Political Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

14 GEOGRAPHY  Fertile soil  Long growing season and fertile land  Cool winters and hot summers Southern Colonies eNvironment

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