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LO3 – Recruiting, developing and supporting staff.

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1 LO3 – Recruiting, developing and supporting staff

2 Recruitment and selection The recruitment process The selection process Performance management Training and development Continuous professional development Staff support systems

3 By the end of the lesson you should be able to: Identify and discuss the steps involved in the recruitment process. Identify various forms of testing. Apply knowledge to online tests. Apply research skills to further develop knowledge. Identify advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruitment. Explain how to ensure the best candidate is selected.

4 Recruitment – attract people to apply Selection – selecting the right person for the vacancy

5 All roles should work together to drive the business objectives. Need to ensure the right number of people are in the right jobs at the right time. To do this, a structured process for recruitment and selection to attract applicants for both managerial and operational roles is required.

6 Conduct Job Analysis Prepare Job Description Prepare person specification Advertise vacancy Select Interviewees Conduct Interviews Appoint successful candidate

7 Job analysis – does a job exist or could it be covered by existing members of staff? Job description – duties, responsibilities, location of job. Person specification – word picture of ideal candidate – skills, qualities and attributes.

8 Advertise – internally or externally. Applications – receive applications. Select interviewees – match applications against job description and person specification. Conduct interviews – panel ask same questions of all candidates. Notify successful then unsuccessful candidates.

9 Prior to, as part of or after the interview, candidates may be tested in a variety of ways: practical – to check competence medical – health and strength – police/army general ability/aptitude personality - traits, behaviours, attitudes.

10 In-house (internally) Staff notice boards, newsletters, intranet. External Newspapers, job centres, trade journals, company website.

11 Advantages Encourages career development Shortens induction training Track record already established Quicker and less expensive Disadvantages Limited number of applicants External candidates may be of better quality Creates another vacancy to fill

12 Advantages Larger number of applicants Candidates often of better quality Can bring fresh ideas to the business Disadvantages Expensive to advertise vacancy Time-consuming selection process Most businesses use both internal and external methods to give equal opportunities to all.

13 Direct Contact potential candidate directly – also known as headhunting. Recruitment agencies Specialise in recruiting for various sectors. Can be costly as take percentage of candidate salary, but better guarantee of suitable candidates.

14 Job centres Employment agencies Headhunting Careers service Advertising agency

15 Wrong appointment can lead to problems: extra training (time and money) Recruit doesn’t have skills or experience required increased staff turnover (time and money) Staff leave for better-suited jobs – organisation has to go through the process again

16  References - potential candidates provide references.  Employer – before appointing successful candidate contacts references to ensure honest information has been given.

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