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1 Recruitment

2 Why do job vacancies happen?
the expansion of the business, retirement of existing workers, need for new skills, promotion of existing employees, workers leaving for a new job elsewhere, workers absent for temporary reasons such as maternity leave or sick leave.

3 How do businesses make sure that they find the right worker for the job vacancy?
Business need to follow a step by step process To make sure that they find the most suitable worker. The first stage is to fully understand the tasks and Responsibilities involved in the job.

4 Job Description The Job Description describes the job title
the duties or tasks involved in the job responsibilities of the job who managers the worker who the worker manages place of work employment conditions (holidays, salary etc.).

5 Person Specification The Person Specification describes
the skills required to do the job knowledge of the industry needed educational requirements, experience required physical attributes (e.g. for fireman) aspects of personality that best suit the job

6 Job Advert The job advert will be based on the job description and the person specification. The advert will give :- Title of Job, salary paid, location of job Responsibilities Working hours Details of the skills, qualifications, experience needed. The advert will also give details of how to apply for the job, such as a letter of application, contact phone number, address , and whether a CV is needed.

7 Where to advertise the job
The job can be advertised internally – to existing employees looking for promotion or a change of job. Or externally from the firm, to attract new workers with new skills and ideas. Methods of advertising vacancies include : An ‘apply within’ notice Local newspapers The Job Centre Local Radio The internet – firms own web site, or recruitment sites University recruitment fairs for graduates National newspapers

8 Short list from Applications
It is likely be the role of the personnel department to initially sort through the applications and to produce a short list. A typical shortlist will probably be made up of the best 5 or 6 candidates – those who best match the person specification. It is the members of the shortlist that are invited to interview.

9 Interview An effective interview will allow the candidate to
demonstrate their skills and intelligence their suitability for the work. Also the interview allows the candidate to find out a great deal more about the job and the tasks involved, the company and the people he or she is likely to be working with. The interview will also allow the interviewers to judge the personality of the applicant, and come to an opinion whether the candidate is the type of person they want to work for the business.

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