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AIDS and equal opportunities ENOTHE. Assignment 3 Identify specific occupational therapy measures to make equal opportunities a reality in your community.

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1 AIDS and equal opportunities ENOTHE

2 Assignment 3 Identify specific occupational therapy measures to make equal opportunities a reality in your community or country.

3 How did we start? General research around equal opportunities. Too much target groups Too extended network Narrow our search? Our own region? The capital cities of Belgium? Some target groups? Choose one target group? Result: AIDS and equal opportunities in Flanders and Brussels.

4 Why AIDS and equal opportunities? Something different: we always work with the same target groups; elderly people, people with disabilities, psychiatric diseases, physical problems … Taboo around the subject Misconceptions around AIDS Interesting subject for research

5 Ideas to fulfil the action Ordinary research: data will be lost place research on the internet Publish document on internet Website with database Invite guest participant in a educational setting Invite guest participant for open public To organise an inquiry around AIDS and HIV

6 Assignment Research information website Action

7 Research: information General research: AIDS in Flanders and Brussels Bring together all the information Classify in sub items; What is AIDS and HIV?, Prevention., Treatment., Actions and projects.

8 Research: website We didnt want our research to get lost Theres not yet a database, website around AIDS Goal: to gather all the available websites and organisations in Flanders and Brussels who work around AIDS and HIV We decided to expand the assignment first people need the right information

9 Research: website General research around AIDS Classify in sub items Divide tasks Write an introducing text per sub item Write an explanatory text per link Search how to design out a website Make website with MCT-student - multidisciplinary Correct mistakes and make definitive website Ask foreign websites for permission











20 Reactions by organisations to our website Some of them were happy that we considered them for our website. Nobody said that we couldnt link to their website. They congratulated us with our website.

21 Action: guest participant Goal: To inform young people how it is to live with AIDS. How people with AIDS experience equal opportunities. Make contacts with local high school and Sensoa to find guest participants. Make contacts with guest participants Very expensive: other solution?

22 Action: inquiry Goal: to test the knowledge of the population around AIDS and organisations working on AIDS. Establish inquiry To question people Through the internet On the street Wide public

23 Findings: inquiry What is your age?

24 Findings: inquiry What is your level of education?

25 Findings: inquiry How do you describe your knowledge about AIDS and HIV?


27 Findings: inquiry Sensoa


29 Findings: inquiry RoSa


31 Findings: inquiry Lhiving


33 Findings: inquiry Exaequo


35 Findings: inquiry Fonds de solidarité sida


37 Findings: inquiry MJA, JIP, JAC, JOC …

38 Findings: inquiry MJA, JIP, JAC, JOC, …

39 Findings: inquiry I dont know any organisation.


41 Findings: inquiry How would you react when you find out that a classmate, colleague has HIV?


43 Findings: inquiry When you are contaminated would you tell friends, colleagues?


45 Findings: inquiry Proposition 1: HIV occurs only in the gay population. (wrong)


47 Findings: inquiry Proposition 2: HIV is only transmitted through sexual contact. (wrong)


49 Findings: inquiry Proposition 3: HIV can be transmitted through breast feeding. (correct)


51 Findings: inquiry Proposition 4: There are no transmittions known through saliva, vomit and urine. (correct)


53 Findings: inquiry Proposition 5: All the contraceptives prevent HIV (birth control pill, condom, intrauterine contraception, …). (wrong)


55 Findings: inquiry Proposition 6: If you are tested you know immediately if you are contaminated. (wrong)


57 Findings: inquiry Proposition 7: Medication slows down the process, but doesn't cure the disease. (correct)


59 Findings: inquiry Proposition 8: HIV damages the immune system, as a result of which simple infections can have serious impact, or lead to death. (correct)


61 A lot of older people wanted to cooperate, but changed their mind when they heard the subject. The young people were happy to cooperate, and discussed the questions with each other. Most people found the propositions quite difficult. Reaction of the interviewed people

62 Reactions on the forum PureeSoiree There was a discussion around some questions, specially around breastfeeding. People at school are informed very differently. One person thinks you can get HIV through even a touch. Its generally know that kissing doesnt transfer HIV.

63 General findings Young people have good general knowledge on the subject, but they make mistakes in specific questions. As long as people have wrong ideas about Aids, the possibilities for equal opportunities are limited. As occupational therapists it is important to inform our target groups on the subject Aids and HIV. Its also important that we inform ourselves, so that we dont act under preconceptions.

64 General findings In general we have to bring minority groups in contact with the normal population to break through taboos and preconceptions. The organisations are little known and usually only work around prevention. The organisations need to announce their existence, so that Aids is more integrated in our society. We ask ourselves if there will be more employment for occupational therapists with people who have Aids and HIV, in the future?

65 Findings for later practice Enough knowledge to engage in conversation Refer to specialised organisations The importance of prevention How to start a similar project People with disabilities or other diseases need to be included in our society



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