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Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi-Modal Study Bill Wyley - Project Director CHUMMS.

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1 Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi-Modal Study Bill Wyley - Project Director CHUMMS

2 History July 1998: New Deal for Trunk Roads Jan 2000: Start of CHUMMS Aug 2001: Final Report

3 Inner Study Area Core Area J14(M11) A14 A428 CAMBRIDGE HUNTINGDON A14 A1 A428 A1198 A1 A1(M) A1123 A14 A1123 M11 St Ives East Coast Mainline Outer Study Area

4 Study Objectives “Recommend multi-modal transport plans which address the most urgent problems in the corridor between Cambridge and Huntingdon, looking in particular at modal shift from the car. The recommended plans will address identifiable transport problems within the corridor and will take account of wider, regional economic development and environmental opportunities”

5 Study Parameters Output from 18 month study Overseen by SG and TCG In accordance with GOMMMS Contributor to RTS, with other MMS Precursor to scheme specific implementation procedures

6 Key Issues and Opportunities Current congestion and safety Conflicting travel demands Sub-regional growth Cambridge - St Ives disused rail line

7 Key Stages Consultation and liaison Surveys Modelling Strategy development Option Appraisal Recommendations

8 The Transport Model All travel modes Developed from existing models Updated to present day Feed back to land-use dispositions

9 Key Performance Indicators Effective public transport services Reduced traffic congestion Traffic into Cambridge stabilised Minimum environmental impact Economic efficiency

10 The Preferred Strategy Major A14 Improvement (KPI 2) Guided bus services (KPI 1) Demand management in Cambridge (KPI 3) Integrated plan for Huntingdon


12 Performance Measures Non-car mode share –overall +5% –inter Cambridge +19% Congestion –overall -15% –A14 am eastbound -45% Landuse –Cambridge commuting balance stabilised

13 Key Issues for the Future Co-ordinated (integrated) implementation –between transport agencies –between public & private sectors –between transport and land-use Cambridge N. Bypass Demand Management

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