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3 Extract from the programme of EAM ( ): "The purpose of the National Liberation Front is: a) The liberation of our nation from its current foreign yoke and the acquisition of full independence of our country ... " But when EAM talks about full independence means independence from any foreign power or by the German occupants or their "allies" the English, which displeases the second.

4 The English policy seeks the stifling control of the situation in Greece after the war. For this purpose, equips and supports financially groups friendly to English: EDES in central Greece and the EOK in Crete The aim of English policy is to limit the power of EAM-ELAS, as - after the successive victories against the invaders - these organizations have gained strong popular support.

5 Already by the middle of 1943, at the instigation of the British, in central Greece have started civil conflict between anglophile groups (EDES) and the forces of the People's Army (ELAS). Aris VELOUCHIOTIS Chief of ELAS N.ZERVAS Chief of EDES

6 And what about the Agreement of the Therisso-Tromarissas in Chania
And what about the Agreement of the Therisso-Tromarissas in Chania? Was it a success, as marked, or failure of foresight on the part of EAM-ELAS, for the actual role of the British and their friends (EOK); After the agreement, is typical the requirement which some executives of EOK (K. Mitsotakis) made: ELAS not to attack German forces, but only after approval by the Joint Committee on Administration of EOK and EAM!!

7 But the German army did not wait…

8 09 FEB Selino Hania: the villages of Kampanos, Panichori, Rodovani, Sougia conducted large blocks at the Germans troops. 100 members of the EAM are arrested and sent to Agia’s prison and from there to several concentration camps in Germany (Mauthausen) a map of the region follows


10 17 FEB 1944 The Germanophile General Commander of Crete I
17 FEB The Germanophile General Commander of Crete I. Passadakis gathers convicts and active criminals and he establishes a Special Police Unit in order to chase the fighters of EAM-ELAS. For the same reason the National Security Battalions have been established in central Greece. Below is part of the oath they gave upon taking their service:

11 Oath of Greek Battalions cooperating with the occupants:
"I swear to God, this holy oath that I will absolutely obey the orders of the Supreme Chief of the German Army Adolf Hitler ... I know well that for an objection against my obligations, which hereby undertake, I want to be punished according to the German military laws "

12 07 MAY The village of Kambi Cydonia at Chania is attacked by German troops, who seek men of ELAS. 36 residents are arrested and executed a map of the region follows


14 HOWEVER The English policy does not wish the enforcement of the Greek resistance. So they have no choice but to take actions to sabotage the Germans with a few rebel forces. One of these actions was the kidnapping in April 1944 from Archanes of the German Commander of Crete, General Kraipe and his transfer to Cairo General Kraipe


16 The local newspaper “Observer” comments and warns:

17 The organizations EAM and ELAS disagreed strongly with the task of kidnapping, and appreciated that the retaliation will be hard .

18 And the Cretan people? Were they benefited from this much discussed kidnapping?

19 The numbers are revealing: For kidnapping a man from May to August 1944, 56 villages were attacked from Heraklion to Chania and 1500 men, women and children were executed.

20 On the morning of 20th May 1944, in every Jewish home in Chania, a special order is delivered written in Greek: "For your transportation you must ,with all your Jewish relatives, be prepared to depart immediately. You have 45 minutes ... ". Nominal lists of Jewish residents had been prepared from local authorities in Chania since 1941 and had been delivered to the German Administration

21 left: nominal list of Jews in Chania
Right: German order for the arrest of Jews in Chania

22 On the afternoon of June 7, Jews, 600 Greek and Italian partisans violently embark on a cargo steamer "Tanais" and locked in the hold.

23 21 MAY 1944 The newspaper of Hania "Observer"
21 MAY The newspaper of Hania "Observer" * comments the incident as "the Jews docile {transfer}"! [* The paper was the organ of the German occupation authorities and is now organ of the fascist organization "Golden Dawn" in Chania]

24 09 JUN 1944 The steamer was attacked between Milos and Santorini by the British submarine'' Vivid'' by mistake and sunk, as claimed by the Foreign Office.  None of tne captives survived.


26 The Jewish community of Hania was collateral lost of the kidnapping of General Kraipe.

27 10 SEP 1944 The 14th Peoples army Corps of ELAS is gathered at the mountainous region of Tromarissa.
25 SER 1944 The 14th Peoples army Corps ELAS of Chania descends to Therissos and raises the greek flag proclaiming the liberation of the mountainous Kidonia.

28 [Flag - Banner of ELAS in Crete stamped and signed by the Governor of the 14th Peoples army Corps Stylliano Sfakiotaki, the Governor of the 5th Division Kontekaki Gregory, the Chief of Staff Stephen Proimou and the Priest Dimitri Lampsikinou. The signatures of the above mentioned follow: ‘ Panagia village1 October The flag was officially raised in Therissos on September 25, 1944 from the V Division »]

29 11 OCT 1944 The Germans evacuate Heraklion and are head to Chania.

30 12 OCT 1944 The Germans withdraw their troops from Athens

31 The conquerors gradually leave Greece, apart from Hania, where they gather their forces from all over Crete.

32 Greece is celebrating the liberation (October 1944)

33 Chania mourn new dead citizens (October 1944)

34 Is there any hidden feasibility of the concentration of German troops in Chania?

35 Is there any hidden feasibility of the complacency of the English "Allies" in relation to the new conquest of Chania?

36 ?


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