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Public, private or mixed model ?

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1 Public, private or mixed model ?
Messages Discover the new cohesion policy : it opens a wide range of public and private investment opportunities. Public-private partnerships: working together for more competitiveness, innovation and sustained regional growth. EU Cohesion policy means achieving more together – Structural Funds investments make enlargement a success for all. Investing in Europe: Regions and cities deliver the Growth and Jobs agenda. Thomas Langeland, Airport director Avinor Kristiansand Airport, Norway



4 Kristiansand Airport

5 Public, private or mixed model does it really matter ?
Principal aspects of airport management Aviation safety Aviation security Development planning/masterplan Environmental protection Operational efficiency Financial efficiency

6 From public utility to airport enterprise possible gains from privatization ?
Improvements in operational efficiency Increased customer focus Increased airport revenues Increased quality of investment decisions

7 Management model at Kristiansand airport
Managed by the airport Managed by others - Airside operations - Passenger check-in - Fire & rescue - Handling/ramp services - All airport infrastructure - Cargo including terminal and other buildings Car park Planning and development Managed by Avinor Concessions/outsourced ATC/ATM - Fuel Met services - Duty free/retail outlets Navigational aids - Car rental - Advertisement - Food & beverages - Security - Catering



10 utilizing a competitive environment
Does a mixed ownership model secure efficiency and revenue at a regional airport like Kristiansand airport? Positive strong and committed ownership commercial focus utilizing a competitive environment customer focus corporate financial muscles public/regional “ownership” Negative - no influence on aero- nautical charges have to compete for investments high fixed cost structure

11 Thank you for your attention

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