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Total Airport Management Systems

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1 Total Airport Management Systems
Institute of Flight Guidance Dr.-Ing. Christoph Meier

2 Situation Airports are very large, complex systems due to:
Interface between different Traffic Modes (Air, Rail, Road,...) Internal Traffic (Passenger, Luggage, Cargo, Crew,...) Various Services (ATC, Catering, Fire Brigade, Towing cars,...) Dependencies between Services due to: Share of common resources (e.g. Tarmac of the Apron) Share of common objective (Transport of Persons and Goods)

3 Problems Historically grown Structures
Different commercial and governmental Stakeholders Partly conflicting Interests between Stakeholders Further Fragmentation in the near Future Co-ordination from the Local Point of View of the Services Local Decision Making without Globale Situation View Very conventional Techniques for Co-ordination

4 Total Airport Management System
Innovative Idea Total Airport Management System ATC Apron Control Airline Catering ... Airport Ressources

5 Benefits Optimized Use of Airport Ressources due to Integrated Operations More Throughput through the Airport Enhanced Robustness by Improved Management of Exceptions More Money for the Service Less Environmental Impact for the Society More Comfort for the Passengers / Customers

6 Questions What are the Possibilities and Limits of TAMS?
Who would benefit and how big are the Benefits? What Technical and Operational Changes would be necessary? What Technologies could be used? Centralized or Distributed System Architecture? How to Test, Demonstrate and Validate a TAMS? How can an Airport migrate to a TAMS? Who will operate such a TAMS? ...

7 What we are already doing
Modelling Airside and Landside Processes Investigating new HMI Technologies Developing first TAMS Ideas and Concepts Preparing a Development Environment

8 What is still necessary
In order to speed up research further funding is necessary A joint effort of research and users would be more efficient European ATC Providers would directly profit from optimized Airports, so Eurocontrol should have a certain interest in TAMS Mobility is one of the most important topics of tomorrows society, so the EU should have a certain interest in TAMS

9 Potential further Steps
1. Pilot Study Thourough Determination of the State of the Art Situation Analysis at 3-4 European Airports Definition of further necessary work more in detail Building Research Consortia Development of Operational and Technical Concepts 2. Feasibility Study Detailled Requirement Analysis Prototyping main parts of a Total Airport Management System Evaluation in simulation and field test ...

10 Thank you for your attention

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