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Forces Introduction Intersections smart car crash stopping distance

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1 Forces Introduction Intersections smart car crash stopping distance
Crash investigation Danny maskill google inspired bicycles

2 FORCES Forces are pushes or pulls
All forces have both size and direction Any changes in speed and/or direction are caused by forces. Force is measured in newtons (N) EXPT – egg drop or newton meter

3 FORCES Just because there are forces are present it does NOT mean that there is motion. An unbalanced force is needed to start a motion, stop a motion, make something go slower or faster, or to change direction. If forces are balanced, there is no change in motion. If a force acts on a stationary object and causes motion, the object has gained kinetic (movement) energy. H/O A4 paper plane, drop from roof lift is proportional to how hard its thrown drag, flapping wings slows it so small wings better also slowed by air resistance ie streamlined is better. Air needs to hit the wing and be deflected down to provide lift therefore plane needs to be back heavy to tilt it into the air and provide lift which counteracts the weight How long does it remain in the air? All same mass At roof they all have the same potential energy Release and it turns into kinetik (movement) energy Friction and support affect it UNBALANCED FORCE When it reaches the floor support = gravity ie BALANCED FORCE

4 Types of Forces Gravitational Electrical Tensional Frictional Magnetic
Applied Spring Normal

5 CONTACT FORCES Some forces only act on contact, others can act from a distance. Which are which? Gravitational Contact At a Distance Magnetic Tensional Frictional Electrical Normal Spring Applied Air resistance

6 What is Gravitational force?
Gravity is a force of attraction between two objects. Gravity is an “at a distance” force Law of Gravitation – any two objects exert an attractive force on each other. The amount of attraction depends upon two things: the mass of the objects and the distance between the objects. 6

7 What is magnetic force? Magnetic force is the attraction or repulsion between electrically charged particles because of their motion. A lever is the simplest machine of all: it's just a long bar that helps you create a bigger force than you apply

8 What is electrical force?
Electrical force is created by attraction of positive and negatively charged particles

9 What is applied force? An applied force is a force which is applied to an object by a person or another object.

10 What is spring force? Spring force is the force exerted by a compressed or stretched spring upon any object which is attached to it.

11 What is normal force? Normal force is the support force exerted upon an object which is in contact with another stable object. Example: If a book is resting on a table, the table is exerting a normal force on the book in order to support the weight of the book.

12 Air Resistance – another type of friction??
Air resistance is a force that acts on objects as they travel through the air. This force opposes the motion of an object. Air resistance force is most noticeable for objects which travel at high speeds or objects with a large surface 12

13 Air resistance is the force that air exerts upon a moving object
-- acts in the opposite direction of an object’s motion Factors that affect air resistance: 1) Velocity -- the faster an object is falling, the more air molecules are hitting it, and the more air resistance 2) Cross-sectional Area -- the wider an object is, the more air molecules can hit it

14 Why do parachutes work????? Parachutes increase the cross-sectional area of a falling object, thus increasing air resistance. Acceleration stops, and the skydiver falls at a safe terminal velocity

15 Terminal Velocity As an object falls, its velocity increases.
As velocity increases, air resistance increases. Eventually, the air resistance will grow until it equals the force of gravity. The forces are balanced and there is no more acceleration. When an object stops accelerating, it has reached what is called terminal velocity NOTE: NO ACCELERATION MEANS NO INCREASE/DECREASE IN VELOCITY…THE OBJECT IS STILL IN MOTION!!

16 What is tensional force?
A force that is transmitted through a string, rope, cable or wire when it is pulled tight by forces acting from opposite ends.

17 FRICTION Friction is a contact force that opposes motion, it causes heat, damage, wear and slowing  Friction can be changed by… Using oils or grease, streamlining (aerodynamics), Making surfaces rougher smoothing surfaces EXPT sliding on oil or sandpaper or bike stopping on dry, wet surface

18 What causes friction? There are two factors which affect friction between two surfaces: Kind of surfaces in contact (rough or smooth) Amount of force pressing the surfaces together. The rougher the surface and the stronger the force between the surfaces, the greater the amount of friction. 18

19 What is static friction?
If you were trying to move a box like pictured below and the box did not move, this would be static friction. Static friction is friction between two surfaces which are not moving past each other. From Glencoe Physical Science 19

20 What is sliding friction?
Sliding friction occurs when a force is great enough to overcome the static friction. Glencoe Physical Science What is rolling friction? Rolling friction is the friction which enables wheels to turn and objects to move. If there were no friction, turning wheels would not enable an object to move. 20

21 Friction … Pros and Cons
Enables us to stand and move without falling Makes a pencil work Need friction for tires to move a car CONS Causes engine parts to wear out Causes holes in your socks Causes wind and water erosion

22 FORCE PAIRS Forces act in pairs (e.g. thrust and friction, gravity and support). Force diagrams show the forces acting on an object and whether they are balanced or unbalanced. Arrow size represents force size if no measurements are available. Arrows should touch the object and only the object should be drawn – no surrounding stuff. Force diagrams practice. Draw force diagrams for the following: An apple sitting on a table A parachute jump freefall, deploy H/O problems 1a,b,c,d

23 Force pairs What are the missing terms? Buoyancy Drag Thrust Weight
Recap of force pairs what are te missing terms CLUE here are the missing words

24 Forces BALANCED Net force = 0 No change in motion
No change in direction UNBALANCED Net force not equal to zero Causes motion to stop, start and/or change direction

Explain whether the forces in the following scenarios balanced or unbalanced. 1. The international space station is orbiting Earth at about 28,000kmhr-1. 2. A can is being crushed. 3. A car is travelling at a constant speed. 4. A skydiver has just jumped from a plane. 5. A car stays at 50kmhr-1 as it turns a corner.

26 Net Force Calculations….
Net force = combination of all the forces acting on an object. There may be one force or more than 4 forces involved. Free Body diagrams are a way to show the forces acting on an object.


28 Practice Problems Problem 1 A book is at rest on a table top.
An egg is falling from a nest in a tree.

29 Reaction Times

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