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OST164 Text Editing Applications

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1 OST164 Text Editing Applications
Section 4 – Numbers Part II

2 Money (413) Use figures to express exact or approximate amounts of money. the amount of $13.50 a $50 bill less than $90,000 a $5,000-a-year account When amounts of money from different countries are referred to in the same context, the unit of currency appears as an abbreviation or symbol before the numerical amount. US$10,000 (refers to 10,000 US dollars) Can$10,000 (refers to 10,000 Canadian dollars) €10,000 (refers to 10,000 euros)

3 Money (414-415) Spell out indefinite amounts of money.
a few million dollars many thousands of dollars a couple of million dollars several dollars It is not necessary to add a decimal point or zeros to a whole dollar amount that occurs in a sentence. This model costs $12.50; that one costs $ I owe Jamie $25.50, and I owe Joseph $15. In a column, if any amount contains cents, add a decimal point and two zeros to whole dollar amounts. $500.98 $459.86 $700.00

4 Money (416) Money in round amounts of a million or more may be expressed partly in words. $12 million million dollars $10½ billion “or” ½ billion dollars $6.5 billion billion dollars Express related amounts the same way. from $500,000 to 1,000, “not” from $500,000 to $1 million Repeat the word million, billion, trillion, etc. with each figure to avoid misunderstanding. $5 million to $10 million “not” $5 to $10 million

5 Money (418) For amounts under a dollar, use figures and the words cents, unless it is just a penny = 1 cent I will not pay 99 cents for this item. In 1901, sugar costs 4 cents a pound. This day and time, you can’t buy anything for 1 cent. However, when used as an adjective: These 50-cent tokens are old. This 99-cent coupon will expire on Friday. Do not use the style $.xx in sentences except when related amounts require a dollar sign. It will costs you $2.50 a copy to do the manual: $.50 for the paper, $.75 for the printing; and $1.25 for the special binder. (not .50 or .75)

6 Money ( ) When using the dollar sign with a price range or a series of amounts, use the sign with each amount. $5000 to $8000 $10 million to $20 million These three properties are valued at $850,550, $950,000, and $1,087,000, respectively. In legal documents, amounts of money are expressed first in words and then, within parentheses, in figures. One Hundred Dollars ($100) One Hundred (100) Dollars

7 At the Beginning of a Sentence (421-422)
Spell out a number that begins a sentence, as well as any related numbers. Thirty-four students came. Eight hundred people have already called, which is two hundred more than expected. If the number requires more than two words when spelled out or if figures are preferable for emphasis and quick reference, reword the sentence. Two hundred and ninety-eight people came today. “OK” There were 298 people who came today. “BETTER”

8 Indefinite Numbers and Amounts (423)
Spell out indefinite numbers and amounts. several hundred investors a few thousand acres hundreds of inquiries thousands of readers a man in his late forties a roll of fifties and twenties

9 Ordinal Numbers (424) In general, spell out all ordinal numbers that can be expressed in one or two words. A hyphenated number like twenty-first counts as one word. sales for the third quarter during the eighth inning the twelfth juror one hundredth anniversary in the twenty-first century at the eleventh floor in seventh heaven the two millionth visitor

10 Fractions (427 a) Spell out a fraction that stands alone (without a whole number preceding). one-half of the audience two-thirds of the employees a quarter pound of butter Use figures if the spelled-out form is long and awkward, or if the fraction is used in a technical measurement or some type of computation. ¾-yard lengths (not three quarter yard lengths) 5/32 inch (not five thirty-seconds of an inch)

11 Fractions (427 b and c) When a fraction is spelled out, hyphenate the numerator and the denominator unless either element already contains a hyphen. five-eights (5/8) thirteen thirty-seconds (13/32) twenty-seven sixty-fourths (27/64) In constructions involving the balanced phrases “one half” and the “other half,” do not hyphenate. One half of the shipment was damaged. The other half was salvageable. One half of the instructors called in sick. The other half of the children may play.

12 Fractions in Mixed Numbers (428)
Use figures to express a mixed number; however, spell out a mixed number at the beginning of a sentence. Our sales are now 4½ times as large. Do not mix ready-made fractions that the computer will automatically create (½-¼) with those that you have to construct yourself (7/8-5/16). The rate has dropped from 5 3/5 to 5½. When a mixed number is followed by a unit of measure, use the plural form of the unit. 1½ inches “or” 1.5 inches ¾ inch

13 Measurements (429 b and 430) Dimensions, sizes, and exact temperatures are expressed in figures. DIMENSIONS The canopy's measurements are 12 feet by 14 feet. The classroom is 15 feet 6 inches by 30 feet 9 inches. However, as an adjective: I am looking for a 4- by 6-foot rug. She wants a house that has at least a 13- by 15-foot kitchen. SIZES Please send me a half-dozen shirts, in size 17½ (Note: Don’t use the / as shown in the book)

14 YES: The package weighs 8 pounds 11 ounces.
TEMPERATURES The thermometer now stands at 32oF, a drop of 5 degrees. Also… When a measurement consists of several elements, do not use commas to separate the elements. The measurement is considered a single unit. YES: The package weighs 8 pounds 11 ounces. NO: The package weighs 8 pounds and 11 ounces.

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