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Second Grade Social Studies

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1 Second Grade Social Studies
The Seven Continents Europe Asia North America The Seven Continents Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Africa Second Grade Social Studies South America Australia Antarctica Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean

2 Seven Continents There are seven continents on Earth. Asia Antarctica
Africa Australia North America South America Europe

3 Asia Asia is the largest continent. It is one large land mass with Europe, divided by the Ural Mountains.

4 Antarctica Antarctica is the continent located around the South Pole.

5 Africa Africa is the second largest continent. There are about 53 countries in Africa.

6 Australia Australia is an island in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia, nicknamed the "Land Down Under,", is a country, an island and a continent. It is the world's smallest continent and the sixth-largest country.

7 North America North America is the continent that we live on. It is made up of the United States, Canada to our North, and Mexico to our South.

8 South America Part of South America is in the Northern Hemisphere and part of it is in the Southern Hemisphere.

9 Europe Europe is connected to Asia. It is made up of many countries such as England, Russia, and France.

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