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The Early Middle Ages 8.1 Mr. Marsh Columbus North High School.

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1 The Early Middle Ages 8.1 Mr. Marsh Columbus North High School

2 Geography of Western Europe Roman roads linked distant European territories With those roads spread Christianity, Trade, Learning Etc… Europe is relatively small (2 nd smallest continent

3 Germanic Kingdoms Germanic tribes migrated across western and northern Europe. –Very different culture than that of the Romans –Franks-strongest Germanic Kingdom Clovis, king of the Franks 486 AD –Converted to Christianity –Kept many Roman traditions in the area of Gaul

4 Europe and the Muslim World 711 Muslims enter Europe at the Strait of Gibraltar 732 the Muslim warriors were stopped by European Christian Army at the Battle of Tours –Lead by Charles Martel (Grand Father of Charlemagne) To them, the victory at tours was a sign that God was on their side

5 Charlemagne Around 800 AD Charles Martel’s grandson built and empire that stretch from France into Germany and parts of Italy Charlemagne loved to fight –His conquest reunited much of the old Roman Empire

6 Charlemagne Cont’ Pope Leo III called on Charlemagne for help against rebellious nobles in Rome Christmas Day Pope Leo placed a crown on Charlemagne’s head and proclaimed him the Emperor of the Romans –Christian Pope crowned a German King Emperor of Rome (BIG DEAL!!!!)


8 Charlemagne Cont’ Pope Leo’s actions outraged the Emperor of the eastern Roman Empire at Constantinople Government –Appointed powerful nobles to rule local regions –Missi Dominici (MIH see dohm in NEE kee) Government officials that checked roads, listen to grievances, took care of justice etc…

9 Revival of Learning lead by Charlemagne Charlemagne wanted to see his court at Aachen (AH kuhn) become a “second Rome” Founded a school at Aachen –Curriculum based on Latin Learning Grammar, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy Scholars' were also hired to copy books such as the Bible

10 After Charlemagne Died in 814 his empire soon fell apart His heirs battled for power for 30 years until 843 when 3 grandsons signed the Treaty of Verdun (YOU MUST KNOW) which split his empire into three parts Charlemagne Legacy –Spread Christian civilization north –Blended German, Roman and Christian traditions –Strong efficient governments


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