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Christiann Boutwell. Palm Springs, CA Hilton Hotel.

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1 Christiann Boutwell

2 Palm Springs, CA

3 Hilton Hotel

4 Annual Meeting Events Several workshops for special groups of earth scientists, engineers, educators State of SCEC presentation (the main talk) Several plenary talks Special topic talks Poster sessions Honors Banquet (main banquet) SCEC Advisory, Board, and Planning meetings

5 Intern & Student Events In the past Only poster presentation Innovations for this and future Meetings Help out with registration and distribution of resources Welcome Dinner Pool Party Info series Lunch “Interrupture” Talks Social Mixer (details in the works)

6 Abundant Opportunities Meet Annual Meeting attendees Highly-acclaimed scientists Potential mentors for future projects Potential employers Potential graduate school advisors Friends (or significant other) Experience Presenting your research in front of a professional audience What to do at a scientific meeting Add to resume

7 What to do once you get to the Meeting…

8 Settle in Get to the hotel Register, Check-in to your room, get acquainted with the place Review the SCEC Annual Meeting Proceedings, Abstracts, Agenda

9 What Interns do at the meeting…

10 Poster Sessions U SE IT interns show off SCEC-VDO U SE IT group members take shifts at posters SURE and ACCESS interns present individual posters Visit other posters!

11 Making the Meeting a better experience for students and interns (this means YOU)…

12 Intern Welcome Dinner All-intern reunion Overview of Meeting events and activities Annual Meeting logistics Rundown of who, what, when, where, why

13 One-hour shifts (Sun & Mon) Greeters- help control traffic for registration, resources table, and hotel check-in Registration- register guests, give badges and other meeting documents/info Resources table- give materials, talk to students (and potential mentors) about opportunities available at SCEC institutions

14 Student Pool Party ‘nuff said…

15 Student Lunch Learn how to select scientific presentations of interest and how to grasp the material Info on how to stay involved in the SCEC community Special guests from earth science, computer science, engineering, education, etc. Info on graduate school or other career options

16 Intern “Interrupture” talk Quick, 3- minute(powerpoint) talks that introduce yourself, discuss your research, and advertise your project/poster

17 What will make at the SCEC Annual Meeting an ? Your help and participation! OVERWHELMING SUCCESS YOUR EXPERIENCE



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