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Linking Foresight to Action: A Health Case Study

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1 Linking Foresight to Action: A Health Case Study
Leah Soroka - Health Canada Lois Macklin – Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

2 Health Foresight Initiative Rationale
Our Objective: How Can S&T Improve the Health of Canadians in One Generation? Our Opportunities: Health Accord ending 2014 Economic crisis Aging population and an increase in bad habits Our Challenges: Needed more than a good idea…need action Reluctance to thinking and ideas generated in non-traditional ways Increasing complexity and uncertainty Short term nature and focus of politics There is an understanding that the world is changing, but less understanding on how institutions may need to change

3 Structure of the Health Foresight Initiative
Partners: Health Canada – federal government department Alberta Innovates Technology Futures – provincially owned research institution Health Foresight Initiative Workshops: (7 events, 250 people, various locations) Trends and Drivers Scenario Creation Contradiction Oriented Problem Solving (TRIZ) Jasper Innovation Forum Exploration of how technology may be utilized to improve the health of Canadians Development of a new framework for enhanced health outcomes McGill University World Platform on Health Conference

4 Design Characteristics - Linking Foresight to Action
Project Leadership – Complex Adaptive Management Design of the Process – Foresight in the context of Action Open based focal question Engagement and innovation foresight methodologies and event Workshop and facilitation selected for strategic outputs Budget and logistic constrain the objective function Selection of participants need to be remarkable people appropriate to engagement and innovation Design for the uptake of communications – mental framework, language, resonance, multi-media

5 Foresight Methodologies
Use of various tools to derive insights Trends and Drivers Appreciative Inquiry Environmental Scanning Cross-impact Analysis Challenge Dialogue Scenarios System Mapping Causal Layer Analysis Delphi Solution Based Problem Solving Algorithms Contradiction Oriented Innovation Morphological Analysis

6 Trends and Drivers Economic Capacity Research, Development &
Tech. Investments Government & Public Policy Medical Tech. Advances Geopolitics Information & Communication Tech. Power of Stakeholders Human Enhancement Technology Social Values & Ethics Globalization of Disease Healthcare System Environmental Quality Demographic Diversity Social Determinants of Health

7 Scenarios Collective Societal Values High Low Economic Capacity
Individual Societal Values

8 Emergent S&T The Body The Environment Networks Enabling Environment
Food & Food Policy Reform Regulatory Process Health Impact assessment in Federal policy making Solution Based Open Innovation Leveraging existing technology for healthy active aging Standards for Medical Information Transparency and Detailing Costs of Health Transactions Measuring the Subjective Replacement Parts Epigenetic Imprints Automated Nourishment Programming Immunity Diagnosing the Pre-sick Biological Previews The Environment Networks Electronic Bank/ Health Card Offsite Preventative and Therapeutic Applications of S&T Adaptive Encouragement Contagion Health Ubiquitous sensing Integrated Population-Based Information and Surveillance Systems Crowd-Sourced Research Augmented Environments Anticipatory Quarantines

9 Convergence and Insights
The Body Networks The Environment Enabling Environment

10 Health Conveyor Won't Would Will Enhancing The Health of Canadians
Community Supported Would Information & Tools Will S&T mobilizes intermediaries, communities, social entrepreneurs and caregivers S&T mobilizes The individual

11 Changing Assumptions – The Way We View the World
Views Approach to Health S&T Traditional More linear Reductionist Problem approach Hierarchical Dr. is expert Limited Options One of a kind In institutions Assist the masses Evolving World Views Approach to Health S&T Complex Holistic System approach Individual role Health literacy Many options Widespread Quickly evolving Personalized

12 Changing Assumption – The Way We View Capitalism
Traditional Evolving Public Science/Policy Public Science/Policy Corporate Social Responsibility Private Science/ Policy Private Science/ Policy

13 Changing Assumptions – The Way We View Public and Private
Collective Collective Traditional Evolving New S&T Ubiquitous sensing Personalized and precise medicine Win/Lose Win/Win Individual Individual

14 Changing Assumptions – The Way We View The System
Expanded Public Sector Enabled Health System The system is enabled through policy, regulations, shared science and best practices. Publicly funded Evolving Primary Care Acute Care Traditional Acute Care Enter Health System Health Facilitation Primary Care Wellness Prevention and issue management are key Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Innovative Charities, NGOs & Patient Groups Management

15 Impact to Improving the Health of Canadians
S&T is a fundamental game changer by enabling: Individual, community and informal care by mobilizing participation in prevention, treatment, management and wellness Integration of other services for enhanced access to information, decision making and delivery at all agents/levels Feedback mechanisms to support behavioural change.

16 Next Steps and Expectations
Evolved conversation on the challenges and opportunities to improve the health of Canadians Evolved path forward for action including: Expanded definition of science (system, cognitive, ICT, wellness) Enhance the communications of science for results Ubiquitous sensing – infrastructure, standards, etc New corporate models Adopting frameworks inclusive of dialectics Lifestyle management approach Enabling the movement from Health to Wellness through S&T Interim results are positive through the creation of artefacts and embedding in departmental strategic direction setting and planning systems Long term uptake …needs to be seen

17 Thank You Questions?

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