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John H. Neate, Senior Associate, OCETA/ETV Canada, Canada Boosting Eco-technologies through Verification Expectations Parallel Sessions – Part I: Scope.

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1 John H. Neate, Senior Associate, OCETA/ETV Canada, Canada Boosting Eco-technologies through Verification Expectations Parallel Sessions – Part I: Scope November 27, 2007 Environmental Performance Verification (EPV) - A Communication and Marketing Tool

2 2 Shared Responsibility Issues are addressed and problems are solved by choice Consumers, investors, policy developers and those responsible for decisions all have options and must make choices The governance structure and the processes which guide our decisions must be inclusive, transparent and fair This is a shared responsibility

3 3 Environmental Performance Verification Shared Responsibility Quality Assurance Stakeholder Engagement Performance Benchmarking Performance Verification Stakeholder Acceptance Government of Canada Environment Canada Governance TransparencyAcceptability Technology Stakeholders Providers Investors/ Users Regulators Level Playing Field Due Diligence Accountability Market Recognition Market Confidence Social Acceptance Sound Science

4 4 Need for EPV Decision-makers need assistance in identifying priority issues and realistic expectations for performance Verification against well-defined performance objectives leads to informed decision-making Reliable information creates a level playing field for solution providers, solution adopters and other stakeholders

5 5 Key Stakeholders Solution adopters within corporations and government agencies Advice on innovative solutions in order to make informed procurement decisions Financial institutions, funding agencies and regulatory authorities Better information for characterizing and quantifying risk in order to mobilize financial resources and responsible investment Solution providers Level playing field Credible data to profile performance claims Technical experts

6 6 Strategic Framework For Environmental Performance Verification Global Branding Initiatives International Working Group on Environmental Performance Verification (EPV) ISO Quality Management & Accreditation SCC Institutional Partners Accepted Test Methods CNETI Regulatory Agencies Informed Regulations Government Departments & Ministries Associations Informed Procurement Solution Adopters (Sector Partners) Innovators EST Promotion Solution Providers (Vendor Clients) Level Playing Field Outcomes: Adoption of ESTs Competitiveness & Good Governance Interprovincial Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Working Group OCETA ETV Canada INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL Environment Canada PROACTIVE ENGAGEMENT OF STAKEHOLDERS LEADING TO INCREMENTAL POSITIVE CHANGE Legend CNETI - Canadian Network of Environment and Technology Institutes EST -Environmentally Sound Technology ISO - International Standards Organization SCC - Standards Council of Canada

7 7 Transparent Reporting of Performance Information Essential requirement for effective decision making Important for stakeholders to identify relevant criteria and performance benchmarks to guide measurement and reporting activities Need to manage expectations from the outset to avoid misinterpretation of performance information Efforts to support the marketing of innovative technologies and to build receptor capacity are more likely to succeed

8 8 CommunicationMarketing EngagementProactive leadership Understanding expectationsRelevance and responsiveness Cooperation and CollaborationDemonstration of performance Continuous learningRecognition and acceptance Capacity buildingIntegration with social needs TransparencyLevel playing field Shared outcomes and benefits Communicating and Marketing EPV

9 9 Meeting the Challenges Cross-Marketing Implementing proactive approaches to engage stakeholders in key sectors Promoting awareness and building capacity Building linkages with other performance assessment and reporting initiatives Integrating performance verification with other societal objectives Distributed Delivery Networks and Partners Promoting performance verification through currently available networks Strengthening capacities and building alliances Learning by doing

10 10 Meeting the Challenges Quality Management Establishing a Quality Management System consistent with accepted international practices (i.e., ISO) Application of existing ISO standards for accreditation of test agents, analytical laboratories and verification entities International harmonization of conformity assessment and accreditation processes Inter-Jurisdictional Cooperation Linking to government policies, priorities and verification needs Strengthening institutional mechanisms for cooperation and collaboration (i.e., protocols and test methods) International Working Group on Environmental Performance Verification (IWG-EPV)

11 11 Performance Verification Communication and Marketing Tool Supports policy, regulatory and procurement decisions needed for successful implementation of environmentally sound solutions Encourages technology innovation and provides policy and regulatory certainty for industry which enhances competitiveness and sustainable growth Provides reliable verified information for effective risk assessment and management, including accurate quantification and verification of baselines and performance benchmarks Path Forward

12 12 Effective Communication and Marketing of Performance Verification Requires effective streamlining and harmonization of various environmental performance measurement, verification and reporting systems Must recognize multiple starting points and different stakeholder needs, experiences and expectations Should be iterative to permit the inclusion of new information as it becomes available as part of a continuous learning process Path Forward

13 13 Contact Information John H. Neate Senior Associate OCETA/ETV Canada 2070 Hadwen Road Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5K 2C9

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