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MBA0 e-Europe 2005 - Access to digital content for all Horst Forster European Commission Luxembourg, 5 September 2002.

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1 MBA0 e-Europe 2005 - Access to digital content for all Horst Forster European Commission Luxembourg, 5 September 2002

2 MBA1 INFSO-LUX Content, Multimedia Tools and Markets

3 MBA2 Our mission Subject area: Digital content Remit: Make information accessible to all Overcome multilingual barriers Three pillars: Market Applications Research

4 MBA3 Research and Technology Development Knowledge and Interface technologies Application Development e-Learning Cultural Heritage Information Market Public Sector Info. e-Content Safer Internet Legislative measures Financial intervention Scope and instruments

5 MBA4 Structure and tasks Unit D1 Electronic Publishing R-Lux Personnel, budget, informatics OP-sector Work-programme, commitments, payments INFSO.D Unit D4 Linguistic Applications Unit D2 Cultural Heritage Applications Unit D5 Management of Information & Content, including IAP Unit D3 Education & Training Applications Units implementing research (FP) Units implementing research (FP) and information market actions

6 MBA6 Enter the digital future Everyone to be connected Everything on demand - applications - services - content The 1990ies vision The making of new media

7 MBA8 Convergence and Internet Broadcasting, communications, computing The obvious converged medium : Internet Multimedia content : - to eat up bandwidth - to feed billions of devices - to make users dip into their pockets The 1990ies vision

8 MBA9 Translation to new revenue streams - direct translation of adverts into purchases - no middleman - global distribution down a wire - delivery instant and low-cost Specific advantages / opportunities - customer intelligence - customized advertising - access new markets as media boundaries collapse Expectations (I)

9 MBA10 Digital TV allows - 8-12 x channels/bandwidth - more niche markets -repurpose content - interactive programming i-TV allows - shopping applications / e-mail - information on demand - real video on demand - direct purchase Mobile Consumers - enormous expansion of users and usage Expectations (II)

10 MBA11 growth of online entertainment market growth of online advertising market were to supplement main revenue sources of media companies Expectations (III)

11 MBA12 Entertainment products : broadband access ? Download books - ever heard of it recently ? Download music - Napster and its aftermath Advertising revenues - collapse of Interactive TV - still promised Mobile meets Internet - still promised Considerable fanfare, multibillion investments and divestments, changes at the helm and strategy Has it all come true ?

12 MBA13 Availability of broadband access ? Availability of mobile access/devices ? On-line access to content ? - Prime content - PSI Foreseeable or not ?

13 MBA14 The multibillion $ question Where can Internet provide added value in offering content ? - interactive (choice, participation) - dynamic (update, instant access) - active (can be acted upon) - unrestricted (anyone can be content provider) Examples that worked : time-sensitive, data- driven, undesirable content

14 Do the visions still hold ? Yes if added value for consumers broadband access roll-out MBA15

15 e-Europe 2002 : Connectivity Regulatory framework for electronic communications : including local loop : Electronic Commerce Directive Member States EC Actions : : Schools to the Net Research networking : MBA16

16 e-Europe 2005 Access to/reuse of digital content Broadband access Modern online public service Dynamic business environment Copyright Directive VAT on digital supplies PSI Directive MBA17

17 Instruments at hand Legislation(example : PSI Directive) Benchmarking(example : on line services) Demonstration(example : e-Content) Prevention(example : e-Safe) R&D(example : IST) MBA18

18 PSI Directive Public sector bodies hold immense amounts of valuable content : example : US market for weather data In Europe exist severe obstacles to commercial exploitation Directive provides legal security through : transparency of conditions of re-use non discrimination in charges and other conditions MBA19

19 e-Content/e-Safe programs Demonstration/Prevention Access to and exploitation of PSI example : land information services Content production via multilingual environment example : content-based services Support a network of hotlines Foster self-regulation MBA20

20 MBA21 Cultural heritage - digital conservation/reconstruction - virtual reality/augmented reality - access for all Education and learning Research - content-based applications

21 Research - digital content Knowledge embedded in content Physically grounded systems Semantic Web Multimodal Interfaces (speech/vision/haptic) Cognitive systems capable of learning, deciding, acting MBA22

22 Our vision Access to digital content for all Our means : a bundle of legislative, application-oriented and research measures MBA23

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