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Webpage Design.

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1 Webpage Design

2 Webpage Website Vs Webpage Website

3 Website made up of a number of different webpages connected by links.
viewed through its web site address technically known as URL.

4 Webpage a computer file, encoded in a HyperTxt Markup Language HTML and containing text, graphics files and sound files, that is accessible through the world wide web. One single page of information. interactive electronic document where text, graphics, and sounds are posted


6 Web browser a software application for retrieving, presenting, and transversing information resources on the world wide web.

7 (HyperText Markup Language)
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) the markup language used for creating documents on the World Wide Web. allow you to customize your Web pages. There are also sections on text formatting, graphics, hyperlinks, sound, lists, tables, background colors and patterns, etc.

8 Webpage assistants Ex. Web Easy Expression Web2


10 ¼ Sheet of Paper. (5 points)
Evaluation: ¼ Sheet of Paper. (5 points) Differentiate web page from web site and give examples points 2. Give two example of a web page assistant. - - 2 points

11 Assignment: ¼ sheet of paper (5 points) 1
Assignment: ¼ sheet of paper (5 points) 1. Differentiate web browser from search engine.

12 References: http://fen. custhelp
References: Prepared by: Ma’am Kriezl 

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