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Support for Innovation – Unit D2

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1 Support for Innovation – Unit D2
Cluster excellence and the transformative power of service innovation Carsten Schierenbeck Support for Innovation – Unit D2 European Commission Enterprise and Industry Regions for Economic Change conference - Fostering Smart and Sustainable Growth in Cities and Regions, , Brussels 1

2 Current EU-Initiatives in support of clusters
Expertise Policy Cooperation New and better tools European Cluster Observatory Cluster Partnerships (Cluster-IP) European Cluster Excellence Initiative FP7 Quality support INTERREG Structural Funds Analysis 2

3 Are clustering efforts helping to close the innovation gap?
“It is important to ensure that clusters are defined in terms of the new market and knowledge relationships needed for emerging sectors to thrive. It is even counter-productive to reinforce traditional sectoral clusters as these may inhibit the necessary mobility. Firms in traditional sectors are far more likely to find innovative growth by forming new linkages and applying new technology to their existing products and services. This can be facilitated by opening the clusters to cooperation with and learning from other clusters in the same or other sectors.” (2006 Aho Group Report “Creating an Innovative Europe”) Lecturer: WIRE2011, 7th - 9th JUNE 2011

4 Manufacturing and service orientation in EU-27 NUTS 2 regions
Source: European Cluster Observatory (2010) Regional service and manufacturing orientation in Europe

5 Europe‘s productivity growth gap and the role of services
Source: McKinsey Global Institute (2010) Beyond austerity: A path to economic growth and renewal in Europe

6 Service innovation as a driver for industrial innovation
6 Service innovation as a driver for industrial innovation …making the whole economy more productive and competitive …providing fuel for innovation in other industries …shaping own service sectors as engines for growth …transforming industrial sectors and creating new industries ...providing solutions for addressing societal challenges

7 New types of specialisation emerging from existing competences
Mapping of Mega-Clusters in Denmark (FORA) 7

8 turistTEC Balearic Islands cluster map

9 Firm level (Enterprise) Sectoral level (Business environment)
Scope for industrial policy to unlock the transformative power of service innovation Activity level Firm level (Enterprise) Sectoral level (Business environment) Market level Assimilation policies - Innovation metrics - Support to public RTD - Facilitation of knowledge transfer - Business incubation, growth support & internationalisation - IP support and innovation management - Access to finance and investment readiness Sectoral innovation metrics Technology and service innovation foresight Cluster mapping and analysis Market foresight & emerging industries watch Industry-led self-regulation, interoperability standards & certification Legal & regulatory framework for services (eCommerce) Targetted policies Specific RTD programmes Promotion of ICT use (eBusiness) Promotion of new business models in services and new service concepts in manufacturing - Specific enterprise and industrial innovation support schemes for service firms - Specific risk financing schemes for services Sectoral industry and cluster policy initiatives in service sectors (user involvement, cooperation, cross-sectoral linkages, new forms of clustering) Public private partnerships demonstrating service and organisational innovation Deregulation / liberalisation of specific services Lead Market Initiatives on new services Soft & hard infrastructure Research institutions for services Specialised training institutions for services - Service parks and incubation centres Strategic infrastructure projects (e.g. broad-band access, logistic & service hubs) Living labs, design centres Supervisory authority Horizontal policies - Tax incentives State Aids Public procurement Education & training Entrepreneurship policies for start up‘s Mobility programmes IPR policies Sector-specific standardisation, such as in ICT Internal Market for services (e.g. Services Directive) Competition policy, including merger controls

10 Support for Industrial Innovation Unit,
Industrial Innovation and Mobility Industries Directorate European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General For more information please contact : Links: Commission Communication “Towards world-class clusters in the European Union” and the annexed Staff Working Document ( ): Cluster cooperation overview: Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU (2011) final report European Cluster Policy Group European Cluster Alliance European Cluster Observatory Cluster partnerships of the European Innovation Platform for Cluster European Initiative for the Excellence of Cluster Organisations European Cluster Collaboration Platform: European Territorial Cooperation (INTERREG) Regions of Knowledge (FP7) 10

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