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An Integrated Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era.

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1 An Integrated Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era

2 Europe 2020 flagship on industrial policy Food productsTextilesPulp and paperChemicals Security and space Basic metals Machine building Non-metallic products Electrical engineering Motor vehiclesConstruction......... Europe needs industry … Industry needs Europe

3 Importance of industry Manufacturing value chain, including associated business services High industrial productivity creates wealth Manufacturing accounts for 75% of exports and 80% of R&D Industry as solution-provider helping to tackle societal challenges

4 A fresh approach to Industrial Policy Regular reporting competitiveness policies and performance Promoting competitiveness and sustainability Integrating full range of EU policies Member States: improving the business environment

5 Key actions Improving the business environment Strengthening the Single Market Industrial innovation strategy Promoting Sustainability Facilitating industrial change Capitalising on globalisation Improving sectoral policy frameworks Member State competitiveness

6 Improving the business environment Smart regulation: competitiveness-proofing ex post fitness checks Improving access to finance SME finance Impact of financial reforms

7 Strengthening the Single Market Single Market Improving market surveillance Creating a market for business services IPR enforcement Improving infrastructure address transport and energy bottlenecks continue to liberalise energy markets More timely standardisation

8 Industrial innovation policy More timely development and commercialisation of technologies Innovation in traditional manufacturing E-skills for advanced users Encouraging clusters and better cross- border co-operation

9 Promoting sustainability Develop 2050 Low Carbon Roadmap Monitor voluntary industry initiatives Sustainable Industrial Policy: eco-design Eco-innovation Energy-intensive industries

10 Facilitating industrial change Mainly responsibility of social partners Consult on European framework for restructuring Globalisation Adjustment Fund Cohesion policy and Structural Funds Rescue/restructuring Guidelines

11 Capitalising on globalisation Impact assessment of trade negotiation mandates and ex post analysis Pursue market access and close monitoring of partner trade policies International regulatory co-operation Closer relationship with neighbourhood Strategy on access to raw materials

12 Targeted approach to sectors Space policy Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Health and Pharmaceuticals Sustainable construction Bio-based markets Chemicals and construction innovation Cultural and creative industries

13 Member State competitiveness (TFEU, article 173) Peer reviews and good practice on: Competitiveness-proofing/ smart regulation Small businesses through SBA Access to finance Market surveillance and IPR enforcement Key enabling technologies Environmental technologies Annual monitoring of Member State competitiveness and performance

14 Web links Communication and its accompanying documents: competitiveness/industrial-policy/index_en.htm Monthly note on the economic recovery: competitiveness/documents/index_en.htm#h2-2

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