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Lesson 6 Day 1 Winners Never Quit

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1 Lesson 6 Day 1 Winners Never Quit

2 Reading Warm Up Question of the day:
How do soccer players work together as a team? Let’s PAIR SHARE! What are some ways that players on a team work together? What might happen if people on a team do not work together?

3 Now let’s write! Complete the following sentence frame.
A soccer player might ____________ the ball to _____________________

4 Read Aloud…Listen What do you remember about the poem “Soccer Feet”?
Set the purpose for listening… Today we are listening for the words that tell how a soccer player might move. Let’s read the poem “Soccer Feet”. Discussion: Can anyone find a n action word in the poem? Let’s read the poem again. This time we need to speed up the actions in the last three lines. Listen to me as I read the poem, “Soccer Feet”. Now let’s all read the poem.

5 Let’s review some of our WORD WALL words from Theme One.
Word Wall Practice Let’s review some of our WORD WALL words from Theme One. sugar bicycle exercise special sometimes different children ears finally short hundred already prove sign police eight read buy money eat know

6 Phonics and Spelling This is the phonogram -ight.
Let’s say the sound that –igh makes. _ …./i/…. Now we will add the ending sound for t…./t/. Let’s practice reading this phonogram. -ight

7 Phonics and Spelling Let’s think of different words that end with –ight. We will write 5 of these words down. Remember spelling counts! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Let’s continue with Transparency R28.

8 Spelling Words Practice Read Clap Read
Phonics and Spelling Spelling Words Practice Read Clap Read 8

9 Phonics and Spelling pie 9

10 Phonics and Spelling high 10

11 Phonics and Spelling tie 11

12 Phonics and Spelling light 12

13 Phonics and Spelling lie 13

14 night Phonics and Spelling 14

15 Phonics and Spelling bright 15

16 Phonics and Spelling right 16

17 Phonics and Spelling might 17

18 Phonics and Spelling tight 18

19 Phonics and Spelling weeknight 19

20 Phonics and Spelling lightning 20

21 Phonics and Spelling sightsee 21

22 Phonics and Spelling nightstand 22

23 Phonics and Spelling sunlight 23

24 High Frequency Words Let’s review some of our high frequency words.
straight brother learn cheer lose Caught Now write each one of these words on a piece of paper. When I call out the word. I want you to hold up the card that matches the word. Now you try it with you partner. Let’s play concentration.

25 Fluency: Intonation Good readers read fluently by:
reading slowly enough to pronounce each word correctly. thinking about the meanings of the words they read. make sure what they are reading makes sense. vary their tone of voice to show emotion. We are going to read Winners Never Quit. I am going to change my tone of voice to match what is happening and how the characters are feeling.

26 Fluency: Intonation Open your book to page 172.
Listen to me read pages 172 and 173. Now read the same pages with your partner. Make sure you are changing the tone in your voice to show emotion.

27 Reading Comprehension Focus Skill: Making Predication
We are going to make a prediction on the passage, “Two Races”. Good readers predict by: using the story details thinking about real life Open your student books to page 188. Let’s read the first two paragraphs.

28 Reading Comprehension Focus Skill: Making Predication
I know from the story that the Hare is fast and the Tortoise is slow. I also know the Hare takes a nap. I will write this information down under STORY DETAILS. I know in real life that people sometimes sleep longer than they mean to. I also know that if you stop running a race, other people might pass you. I will write this information under WHAT I KNOW. I predict the Tortoise will win the race.

29 Reading Comprehension Focus Skill: Making Predication
= Story Details What I Know Predictions

30 Reading Comprehension Focus Skill: Making Predication
Turn the page. 1. What type of genre are both these stories? 2. How are the stories alike? How are their lessons different? 3. Do you think one lesson is more important than another? Tell why.

31 Robust Vocabulary Specially made just for you
Helen’s boots were made specially for her. Have you ever had anything specially made for you? Struggle to try extra hard Helen had to struggle to climb Mt. Taranaki. Do you struggle to learn something new? Does your teacher make it more or less of a struggle? Traction what keeps you from sliding Helen’s spikes boots gave her traction. Would you ever need traction on a bicycle.

32 Now let’s break for small group reading.
Reading- Practice page The books are in your desk. Spelling- Sentences Write sentences using your first 10/15 spelling words. Center- Write a summary about your favorite book. Start out with this main idea: ____________________ is my favorite book because________________. Now tell 3 reasons why you chose that book. Math- Math practice

33 Grammar/ Language Arts
Naming words name people , places, and things. Naming words are called NOUNS. Nouns can be singular or plural. Look at this example: Ms. Puckett is a great teacher. Let’s underline nouns. Are these nouns a person, place, or thing?

34 Grammar/ Language Arts
Let’ s circle the nouns in the sentences. Josh went to the park with his father and grandfather after lunch. Josh saw 3 squirrels and 5 ducks at the park. Maya went to the pet store. Maya saw gerbils, hamsters, a snake and a big green parrot.

35 Grammar/ Language Arts
Directions: Place the noun in the correct category. barn cat book rabbit McDonald’s mom Mr. Larsen sister grandma desk pencil Pizza Hut marker crayons dog teacher People Places Things Animals 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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