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Lesson 18 Day 4 You will need your book, journal, pencil, and workbook.

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1 Lesson 18 Day 4 You will need your book, journal, pencil, and workbook.

2 Question of the Day Suppose you were making a picture of a day at your school. What would you show? To show what our school is like I would __________.

3 Read Aloud What would be the purpose for reading a story called “A Mobile for Callie”? For enjoyment To learn why someone would make a mobile To practice reading fluently What kind of art does Jay make? He makes a mobile. How does art bring Callie and Jay closer? Jay makes a mobile with photographs of Callie’s friends so she will not be lonely in the hospital. This shows Callie that Jay cares about her.

4 Suffixes/ Adverbs little/littlest feeble/feebly wrinkle/wrinkly Looking for word parts can help you decode longer words. Also, knowing the meanings of suffixes can help you figure out the meanings of suffixes can help you figure out the meanings of unfamiliar words. -er - more -est – most -ly –in a way -ful – full of carefully care/ful/ly wonderfully wonder/ful/ly beautifully beauti/ful/ly shamefully shame/ful/ly harmfully harm/ful/ly gracefully grace/ful/ly delightfully delight/ful/ly hatefully hate/ful/ly playfully play/ful/ly

5 Suffixes –er, -est, -ly, -ful When you hear words that end with the sounds /ful/, /le/, and /est/, the suffixes probably will be spelled as the words on the board. thankful quickly finest The suffixes on these words are all pronounced the same way although not all of them are spelled the same way or have the same meanings. Which word compares things? nicer When you hear a word that compares it is usually spelled with the letters er. Look at teacher and sailor. The suffixes –er and –or both can mean “one who does something”. You will have to memorize whether a word ends with –er or –or. nicer teacher sailor

6 Fluency As I read page 93, I am going to pay attention to the punctuation marks to break the sentences into phrases. See if you think that makes my reading easier to understand. Reading with correct phrasing helps readers know where ideas begin and end. Always… pay attention to punctuation so they know when to pause or stop pay attention to when ideas or thoughts begin and end try to sound like natural speech Read “Me and Uncle Romie” like a reader’s theater. Remember to: Use a different voice for each character. Be fluent and expression while reading. Use proper phrasing and correct pronunciation. If you make a mistake correct it right away and continue to read.

7 Theme The story’s theme is the main message or lesson that readers learn from the story. Readers usually have clues in the story to help figure out the theme. Clues can come from the events, the dialogue, and the personalities of the characters.  Use transparency R119

8 Theme

9 Context Clues I can figure out the meaning of excess by looking at the definition that follows it: “too much to take in”. You can figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words by looking for clues. There was an excess of information, or too much to take in. We had to grapple with the problem by working hard and trying many things to solve it. I want to know the meaning of grapple. I will start by looking for clues about the word. I don’t see a definition, but I see the words “working hard” and “trying many things to solve it.” These tell me that grapple involves working hard and trying to solve things. A word for ‘work hard’ and ‘try many things to solve a problem’ is grapple. Juana demolished her science project when she sat on it. The cat prowled, or crept, around the house looking for food.

10 Robust Vocabulary dull Why might you wear dull clothing in a forest? towers How could you see the top of something that towers over you? glorious What is the most glorious sight you have seen in nature? memory What is one memory you will keep of your time in 3 rd grade? crept Which would be a better way to surprise people: creeping up on them or marching up behind them?

11 Robust Vocabulary Cont. ruined What can you do with a T-shirt that has been ruined? streak What would you like to see streak across the sky? Why? yanked Which would be more polite: if someone yanked a pencil from you or if someone asked to borrow it? masterpiece Why are many masterpieces kept in museums? heritage What would you do if you were given a special hat that was part of your heritage from long ago?

12 Review Vocabulary If your best friend accidentally ruined your favorite shirt, would you have a dilemma? Why or Why not? Is it easy to streak across afield if you are drowsy? Why would you get a scolding if you yanked someone’s hair? Why do some people feel awe if a mountain or building towers over them? If someone secretly crept up on you for a long distance, why would he or she have needed a lot of concentration? How would you console someone whose favorite shiny bracelet turned dull?

13 DOL

14 Grammar: Articles Articles are words that can tell about one or more objects, people, places, or ideas. a an - These articles tell about something that is one of many things. a is used before words that begin with a consonant sound. an is used before words that begin with a vowel sound. the is used to refer to a specific person, place, or thing. the - This article can be used for both singular or plural nouns. ________ bus took Sam to school. He met ________ students there. Grammar book page 65

15 Writing: Story Dialogue Communicates what characters say out loud. Uses different voices to tell how different characters speak. Sounds like natural speech. Uses quotation marks to show a character’s words. Uses phrases like “she said” to show who is speaking.

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