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Anne-Marie McGauran Ex Head of NDP Gender Equality Unit, Ireland.

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1 Anne-Marie McGauran Ex Head of NDP Gender Equality Unit, Ireland

2 Overview What is GMS, how is it beneficial, what do we need to do it? GMS in Ireland – what was required, what supports were provided, what were the results? Conclusion – things to do and not to do, to support GMS

3 What is GMS? GMS – putting gender equality in mainstream policies Why? To support new ways of life for women and men, e.g. women having less time to care; boys leaving school early For regional policy – can mean supporting women entrepreneurs; unemployed men being re-trained; more childcare

4 What do we need in policy for GMS? Gender disaggregated data Gender impact assessment of policies Data, analysis, commitments to change Specific commitments on gender equality Monitoring of these commitments Changes in decision-making More women (usually); changes in criteria for allocating funding

5 GMS in Ireland Included in National Development Plan (NDP) Key requirements: Gender disaggregated indicators Equality in project selection criteria Gender equality in evaluations More women in decision-making Gender impact assessment forms

6 Key supports in policy process Units to advise on and monitor GMS Representatives for equal opportunities on monitoring committees A committee to co-ordinate equal opportunities in the NDP

7 Supports provided by GMS Unit Gender disaggregated data Research on gender equality in policy areas Training for policy makers/implementers Advice on: Increasing women in decision-making Incorporating gender equality into evaluations Including gender equality in project selection criteria Monitoring how commitments were met

8 Results Gender disaggregated indicators – collected of 44% of NDP measures Gender in project selection – in 37% of measures GIA – done for most measures, but commitments to action in only 23% Women in decision-making – 40% target reached in one of six monitoring committees So – a mixed picture. More progress on the easier commitments

9 What problems did we face? No targets No accountability for delivering on commitments No sanctions/incentives. Possibilities for the future with the SF performance reserve Need to tie GMS to budget allocations Need an evaluation culture Need a focus on people rather than things, in evaluations and policy development

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