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Larry Clark My webpage:

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1 Larry Clark My webpage:
CS 1713 Intro to Prog II Larry Clark My webpage:

2 Computer Science Lab Location: NPB 2.118
It will/does have about 40 Linux workstations running 14.04 There will be TAs or tutors available most week days from For more information, see Your degree will probably be more enjoyable if you spend time in the Computer Science Lab.

3 VDI Servers You can access our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) servers from most browsers. Link: Your VDI login: abc123 id Your initial password: <get password from me> If you added the class since Friday, you probably don’t have a login id. If you don’t have a working login id, send me an with your abc123 id. VDI only persists your V drive!

4 Login to VDI How to Login to VDI in a Classroom

5 Save a link to my web site
Save that link on your V: drive: From the VDI desktop, right click and select New Shortcut Enter by website above Move that icon to your V: drive. You might want to go to the lecture notes for cs1713 and open this ppt.

6 ClassQue ClassQue is a program to record attendance each day in class. Note that it won’t do it if you login remotely (i.e., you aren’t in the class room). You must download and execute the ClassQue installation. Go to Run the bat file for CS1713 section 002. It will create a startup folder and startup.bat file on your V: drive. This will cause a ClassQue icon to be included on the VDI desktop every time you login to VDI. When you arrive in CS1713, please record your attendance by clicking on the ClassQue icon. If it asks you for your seat number, enter the one that is on the monitor (possibly the back).

7 Elk Servers At least one of the servers should be up at all times.
These run Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Server addresses are <serverNameFromMe> where XX is 00 through 09 Your login id is your abc123 ID. Your password is defaulted to <password from me> You can get to these externally using: ssh –X

8 syllabus

9 Survey in Blackboard How do I login to blackboard?  From the utsa main web page, 1.       On the menu at the top of the page, select: myUTSA > Blackboard Learn 2.       Enter your abc123 id. 3.       Enter your pass phrase password. 4.       Blackboard will show a list of courses.  Select primary course  (but not the recitation) 5.       You will see some items listed on the left side that I provided.  Select what you need. How do I get the survey? Click on the surveys link. Click on the survey and answer the questions.

10 Logging Out of VDI You must logoff when you are done with your Windows VDI Session Click the Start button iCon (bottom left) Click Shutdown>logoff

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