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Forfar Academy Curriculum for Excellence Forfar Academy 26 th April 2011.

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1 Forfar Academy Curriculum for Excellence Forfar Academy 26 th April 2011

2 Forfar Academy Scottish Government One of the most ambitious programmes of transformational change in education ever undertaken in Scotland Providing a co-ordinated approach to curriculum reform – 3 to 18 Taking account of anticipated future needs deriving from economic, technological and social changes

3 Forfar Academy Aim To provide a curriculum which prepares young people for the challenges and issues that face today’s world gives young people understanding of Scotland and its place in the world.

4 Forfar Academy Curriculum for Excellence aims to : raise Standards develop Skills improve Knowledge

5 Forfar Academy And in doing so enable our pupils to develop as: successful learners confident individuals responsible citizens effective contributors (known as the four capacities)

6 Forfar Academy Focus at Forfar Academy  Child at the centre with the needs of every child being important  Provide effective personal support for our pupils  Successful learning through effective teaching

7 Forfar Academy The S1 – S3 Curriculum (Junior phase) Covers: expressive arts, health and wellbeing, languages, mathematics, religious and moral education, sciences, social studies, technologies There will be some opportunity to specialise in S3, but no narrowing of curriculum areas All staff have responsibility for: – literacy – numeracy – health and wellbeing

8 Forfar Academy We aim to provide a curriculum in S1 to S3 which: is broad and general promotes the development of the four capacities is underpinned by the principles of Curriculum for Excellence develops skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning to develop an understanding of the connections within and across the learning experiences allows preparation for transition to specialism in the upper school (S4 to S6).

9 Forfar Academy Curriculum level Stage Early Pre-school to P1 First P2 to end P4 Second P5 to end P7 Third and Fourth S1-S3 (Fourth level broadly aligns to National 4 qualifications) Senior phase S4 to S6 in school, college, workplace or community

10 Forfar Academy Assessment Pupils will be assessed in a number of ways for breadth, depth and application of learning: observation of pupils carrying out practical tasks e.g. presentations, discussions, practical investigations evaluation of a final product e.g. a piece of artwork, report or a project self and peer assessment written responses

11 Forfar Academy Assessment The assessment system will be improved with more detailed information being passed on through pre-school, primary, secondary school and college. Schools will provide profiles of learner achievement at key points – i.e. end of P7 and S3.

12 Forfar Academy Profiles All pupils will have their achievements and progress formally recorded in a ‘profile’ at key points of change The profile confirms how they are doing, records their achievements and progress against national standards and expectations, noting any awards. It covers all curriculum areas studied and records achievement in literacy and numeracy. It also contains a learner statement – their thoughts on their own achievements. Profiles will be phased in over the next three years.

13 Forfar Academy We aim to provide a specialist curriculum for the senior phase which: provides specialisation, depth and rigour continues to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work continues to provide a range of activities which develop the four capacities prepares pupils well for achieving qualifications to the highest level of which they are capable supports pupils to achieve a positive and sustained destination.

14 Forfar Academy Qualifications National 4 replaces Standard Grade General and Intermediate 1. It will be assessed by teachers. National 5 replaces Standard Grade Credit and Intermediate 2. It will involve a final external assessment; usually an exam plus other types of assessment like coursework or performance. Access 3 replaces Standard Grade Foundation. Access, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications all remain but will be refreshed.

15 Forfar Academy New qualifications 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Access 1 Access 2 Standard Grade Foundation / Access 3 Standard Grade General / Intermediate 1 Standard Grade Credit / Intermediate 2 Higher Advanced Higher Higher National Diploma Ordinary Degree Honours Degree Masters Doctorate Access 1 Access 2 Access 3 *National 4 *National 5 Higher Advanced Higher SCQF Levels Next Generation of National Qualifications Qualifications New qualifications are marked * Others qualifications, like Highers, remain and will be reviewed to be in keeping with Curriculum for Excellence

16 Forfar Academy What will be different? There will be more flexibility to meet the needs of learners Young people will have access to a wider range of qualifications and learning experiences that reflect their abilities and aspirations. There will be more partnership arrangements between schools, colleges, training providers and local employers. In S4 our pupils will be able to take five or six qualifications at the most appropriate level.

17 Forfar Academy Where can you get information or ask a question? ent-council-representative-meeting/ (learners) (parents and carers) (employers) (information on qualifications) (standards, inspections) (teaching practice and support) (share ideas and questions about education issues) (examples of CfE in action and signposts to further information).

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