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Curriculum for Excellence The Senior Phase Largs Academy Thursday 24 th October 2013.

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1 Curriculum for Excellence The Senior Phase Largs Academy Thursday 24 th October 2013

2 Curriculum for Excellence at Largs Academy In S1, S2 and S3 most pupils are working on the Experience and Outcomes at Level 3 and Level 4 in the Broad General Education Most pupils will continue to work across the 8 curricular areas in S3 In S4 they begin the Senior Phase and will choose a maximum of 7 National qualifications

3 New Qualifications Scotland's new national qualifications have been developed as part of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) As part of the new 3-18 curriculum, aspects of Scotland's education system, including qualifications, assessment, and learning and approaches have been reviewed

4 National 1- 5 Qualifications They combine some of the best elements of Standard Grade and Intermediate courses They allow progression from CfE courses in the Broad General Education (S1-S3) and link to new Highers They include a range of learning experiences and assessment activities designed to prepare young people for the 21 st Century There is a focus on developing skills; on knowledge & understanding; on developing the ability to formulate arguments; on contextualising learning; & on developing research skills & presentation skills

5 Literacy and Numeracy There is formal recognition of Literacy and Numeracy through the new qualifications system, either as units in English and Mathematics courses or as stand alone units

6 Possible Progression Pathways S4S5S6 National 5HigherAdvanced Higher National 4National 5Higher National 3National 4National 5

7 National 4 and National 5 To gain a National Award pupils must pass all internal unit assessments and course assessments. 2 or 3 units of work (40 or 60 hours per unit) Assessment of each unit Final exam in May/June of S4 for National 5 Certificate awarded at A, B, C, D for National 5 Each course has an Added Value component

8 What is Added Value?  Added value will assess breadth, challenge and/or application of learning by sampling learners' skills, knowledge and understanding from Units  Added value will be assessed in a Unit at National 4 & through the Course Assessment at National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher  This is not a new idea; it builds on the current Course assessment for Higher & Advanced Higher  All Courses & Units at National 4 will be assessed & marked internally by teachers & verified by SQA

9 Largs Academy (National Performance) Standard Grade 5+ Foundation Passes in S4 5+ General Passes in S4 5+ Credit Passes in S4 Eng & Maths 5+Foundation Passes in S4 2013 100% (94.3) 92% (81.5) 51% (38.4) 100% (94.3) 2012 96% (93.9) 89% (80.2) 48.2% (37.4) 96.45% (94.1) 2011 97.4% (92.7) 89.2% (78.8) 53.1% (36.4) 98.45% (93.3)

10 Largs Academy (National Performance) 3+ Highers in S5 5+ Highers in S5 1+ Advanced Higher in S6 2013 36% (28.2) 22% (13.2) 31.4% (16.9) 2012 41% (27.2) 25% (13.0) 23% (16.4) 2011 40% (26.3) 25% (12.1) 28.5% (15.8)

11 What can parents do to support their children? Support with organisation, planning and meeting deadlines Encourage use of Homework Planners Contact Guidance Teachers with any concerns Encourage attendance at Supported Study and Easter School

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