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How to use in your classrooms? Presented by Steve Adler, Cheryl Butler, Allen Day, and Hyewon Lee 1.

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1 How to use in your classrooms? Presented by Steve Adler, Cheryl Butler, Allen Day, and Hyewon Lee 1

2 Script Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Wiki’s world presented by Steve Adler, Cheryl Butler, Allen Day, and Hyewon Lee. Using web 2.0 technologies like Wiki enables learning to be more participative and active. Have you ever heard of Wikis? If so, have you ever used Wikis for your courses? Wiki is a free and easy to use tool that can powerfully facilitate collaboration and communication. It's easy for people to jump in and revise pages that wikis are becoming known as the tool of choice for large, multiple-participant projects. 2

3 What is Wiki? 3

4 Script Wikis effectively provide teachers with a 'web page' that can store files, course notes, movies etc to support classroom learning. Wikis can increase the engagement of students, encourage collaboration, enable students to build connections and stimulate and facilitate discussion. A wiki is also the perfect spaces for displaying assessment information, tasks and projects. Using Wikis, it is easier than ever to collect data from the information available in the world, conduct interactive collaborative projects, and create rich teaching and learning resources using only copy and paste, and drag and drop, and edit. You do not need to upload, download, or install anything; all your work is stored in the “cloud” in your wiki spaces.

5 Script (Cont’d) I know that you are still tilting your head. In a very short time, you will get some ideas on how to use Wikis in your classrooms or courses. From now on, we are going to review how to use wiki step by step. Let’s go! 5

6 6

7 Script The Wikis can be found at 7

8 Two versions of Wikis 8

9 Script There are two versions of Wikis: Wikis for organizations and Wikis for individuals and groups. The latter is free of charge and affordable space for those who want to use Wikis for interactive and collaborative learning. For this presentation, we chose the Wikis for individuals and groups. 9

10 Join page 10

11 Script You must join if you want to create your Wiki space. All you need to type is your username, e-mail, and password. 11

12 Log-in page 12

13 Script You must log in if you want create content. Use the login window to access your account. 13

14 Creating my Wiki 14

15 Script After you have logged in, the login window shows that you can create a wiki space, asking its name, option of permission, and wiki type. If you enter all the required information, click “create” button. We entered wikisinclassrooms as name, gave permission to public, and chose “other” type. 15

16 Your Wiki 16

17 Script Your Wiki will be created. This is the default page of your Wiki. 17

18 Edit screen 18

19 Script Clicking edit button on the top right side of the page, you will be taken to the edit screen. From there, you can add your content to the Wiki. You can type directly onto the page. 19

20 Toolbar 20 Bold Italics Underline Color & Font Style Numbering Bulleting Add hyperlink Insert file Dividing line Embed Media Insert table Undo Redo When finished editing, click save button. If you do not want to change the content, click cancel button. Clicking preview button, you can see the edited page.

21 Script The buttons on the toolbar look much simpler, but have similar functions to MS Word. Formatting your text is just like in MS Word. You can format your text, using bold, italics, underline, color, and style functions. You can add hyperlink, insert files, pictures, and table, and embed media. When you finish editing, you will need to click save button. If you don’t want to change the content, click cancel button. If you want to see the edited page before saving, click preview button. 21

22 Closer look at the edit screen 22

23 Script For example, if you want to format your text in any way, you will need to highlight the text to change and then use the buttons on the toolbar. 23

24 Adding hyperlink 1 24

25 Script When you click on the link button, a window will pop up showing Wiki link. You can type link text and page name from your Wiki. When you select external link, you can add the designated web address to your Wiki. You can add anchor name. 25

26 Adding hyperlink 2 26

27 Script For example, let’s add external link, to your Wiki. Type wikispaces in link text and in address. Then, click add link button. You will see the link on the page. 27

28 Inserting Files or Images 1 28

29 Script If you want to insert files or pictures, use file button on the toolbar. Clicking the file button, a window will pop up showing pictures and files already uploaded to your Wiki. If you want to upload a new file or picture, use upload files button on the right side. You can browse to locate a file or image on your computer and then click on upload button. We uploaded a file named computer- classroom.jpg. 29

30 Inserting Files or Images 2 30

31 Script When clicking the file, it will be inserted to the page. 31

32 Inserting Files or Images 2 32

33 Script You can upload files, images, or pictures from external sources, using external image button. Type the external image address, and click load button. If you double click the image, it will be easily inserted into your Wiki. 33

34 Inserting tables 34

35 Script Use table button if you want to insert a table. Define the number of columns and rows. Click on insert table button. The table will be inserted into the page. You can format the table in any way, using style buttons. 35

36 Embedding media 1 36

37 Script If you want a video, slideshow, podcast or any other widget on your page, click on widget button. 37

38 Embedding media 2 38

39 Script For example, you want to embed a video clip named “pb wiki-What Is A Wiki?” from YouTube. Click on YouTube, go to, and find a video clip. You will need to look for embed field on the YouTube video page and copy and paste the html code in the box. Click on save or preview if you want to review the page before publishing. 39

40 Embedding media 3 40

41 Script When you save the edited Wiki page, you can watch the embedded video on your Wiki page. 41

42 History of Wikis 42

43 Script 43

44 Advantages of Wikis 44

45 Script 45

46 Disadvantages of Wikis 46

47 Script 47

48 Example 1 48

49 Script 49

50 Example 2 50

51 Script 51

52 Example 3 52

53 Script 53

54 How to use Wikis in your classrooms 54

55 Script 55

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