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PROCESS MANUAL PROCESS MANUAL Teaching Someone to do Something.

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1 PROCESS MANUAL PROCESS MANUAL Teaching Someone to do Something

2 Parts of the Assignment An abbreviated set of directions teaching someone how to use software or a website accessible to UMBC students (three short or two long functions) One process from your manual that you will demonstrate to the class as an oral presentation

3 Purpose Communicate knowledge to educated lay audience. Enable UMBC students to use software correctly and safely for either schoolwork or enjoyment.

4 Title Page Compose a clear, accurate, brief title Include name of software/website in title End with information about writer(s): name, due date, course. Place this information on a page of its own, without a page number.

5 Table of Contents New page with lower case Roman numeral page number All major headings from process Flush right with leader (ex. Introduction... 2) Minor headings may be included as long as there are not too many headings with same page number (more than three is too many) Separate list of illustrations if more than five

6 Introduction New page with Arabic page number Description and purpose of application People who should use application Time when process should be done Safety information List of materials and equipment needed to complete process

7 Body All steps in process should be listed in chronological order –For audience’s benefit, number each step. Every step in process should be included. Each step should begin with a command and follow up with an explanation if one is necessary.

8 Body 2 Visuals should supplement directions. –Use screen captures so audience will know what they should see if they do the step correctly. Windows 2000 PPP Setup Guide is a good example of directions with screen captures.Windows 2000 PPP Setup Guide

9 Writing Commands Commands begin with verbs. The subject is always “you,” so is said to be understood. Don’t omit articles, prepositions from commands to avoid misunderstandings –Locate midpoint and draw line. Locate the midpoint and the draw line. Locate the midpoint and draw the line.

10 Conclusion Warranty information Technical support Troubleshooter’s checklist –2-3 columns: problem, cause, solution Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

11 Microsoft DOS FTP Troubleshooting PROBLEMCAUSESOLUTION When entering the name during the get command, you get an error message stating that no such file or directory exists. Incorrect File name typed Check the filename, and make sure you copy the exact file name, as it is case sensitive (you can find out the exact file name with the dir command).

12 Topic Handout Guidelines

13 Oral Presentation Choose one process from your manual to explain to the class. Use Powerpoint to create slides for your presentation. Take no more than fifteen minutes to teach class to do this process. Can do a group presentation if more than one person doing manual on same software/website.

14 Student Example of Presentation How to export a Word Outline into PowerpointHow to e

15 Process Exercise Group Process Exercise If the link doesn’t work, go to the Writing and Grammar Exercises link in the Writing section of the Course Materials page to read the information about the exercise.

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