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Module 2 Sessions 10 & 11 Report Writing.

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1 Module 2 Sessions 10 & 11 Report Writing

2 Manual checking, editing etc.
Data management cycle Design questionnaire Enumerators collect data in the field Design survey Manual checking, editing etc. Conception Reporting of results We are now finishing off the data analysis and are ready to write it up. Data entered onto computer Data analysis Computer data management

3 Session objectives At the end of these sessions, participants will have: Acquired report writing skills Be able to differentiate between different types of reports Be able to list the characteristics of a good report and the steps to be followed to write a good report Appreciate the different report structures and agree on a standard structure Consolidated their data interpretation skills

4 Presentation Outline Introduction Definition Types of Reports
Steps to Follow for a Good and Effective Report Structure of a Report Conclusion Practical Exercise

5 Introduction This presentation is intended to equip you with the basic skills of communicating information to others without necessarily the need for meetings. Effective reports give a professional image and get others to take your work seriously

6 Definition A report is a prepared account of what happened, about a particular event, presented in formal and organized format backed with statistical evidence. It may be a single report or a series of them.

7 Types of Reports Academic Report:
Academic reports are usually detailed and in most cases targeting academicians. They are of high content and the producer and the reader are at the same level or a little different.

8 Types of Reports continued
Professional Report: Professional reports are for informing and persuading people as well as initiating change They may be detailed depending on the targeted audience/taste of the sponsor. In most cases they have a mixed audience of those who may understand the in-depth of the subject content and non technical people like the decision-makers.

9 The following comments have been made by senior managers
Good Report The following comments have been made by senior managers about what they look for in a good report. Assess the comments and evaluate them

10 Good Report Continued A report must meet the needs of the readers and answer the questions in their minds A report must be at the right level for the readers. Some readers have an in-depth knowledge of the subject while others may be decision-makers without specialized, technical knowledge

11 Good Report Continued A report must have a clear, logical structure-with clear signposting to show where the ideas are leading A report must give a good first impression. Presentation is very important

12 Good Report continued.. A report must not make assumptions about the readers’ understanding. All writers need to apply the ‘so what’ test explain why something is a good idea Reports must be written in good English using short sentences with correct grammar and spelling Reports should have a time reference

13 Activity 2 – review of data analysis
Work in groups of 3 or 4 In Session 6 you used Epi Info to analyse the data And copy retults to a Word file Choose a subject area for your report Review these analyses and add further tables and graphs if needed Do not do too many – concentrate on quality not quantity For example 2 tables and two graphs may be sufficient

14 Steps to Follow for a Good and Effective Report
Define your aim Collect your ideas Select the material and decide how to show the significance of your facts Structure your ideas Start on report writing

15 Example of structured ideas on Health
4.1 Introduction Household Health Status 4.3 Availability and Access to Health Services 27 4.4 Health Services Utilization… 29 Under Five Immunization Birth-related Services 4.5 Quality of Government Health Services 33 Payment for Services Service Improvement

16 General Structure of the Report
Title Introduction Main Body Conclusion and Recommendations Appendices

17 Report Editing 1. The purpose
A checklist to use while editing a report looks at 7 areas. 1. The purpose Have you clarified your purpose? Have you identified your readers' needs and characteristics?

18 Report Editing continued
2. Information Have you included the main points? Are these points supported by evidence? Is the information relevant to the purpose?

19 Report Editing continued
3. Accuracy Are there spelling mistakes? Do the figures add up? Are the references correct, in the text and at the end? Are all sources of information listed in the References section? Are abbreviations consistent?

20 Report Editing continued
4. Images Are images clear? 5. Format Is the report easy to follow? Are headings and numbering clear? Are the arguments followed through? Is it logical/easy to follow? Is the font and style consistent for the different levels, body, tables and graphics?

21 Report Editing continued
6. Language Is it clear, direct, easy to read? Will the readers understand it? Will its tone help you achieve the purpose? Can unnecessary words/phrases be deleted? Is the grammar/punctuation correct? Is there any repetition?

22 Report Editing Continued
7. Presentation Is the layout appealing? Does it highlight important points?

23 Activity 4: Writing the report
Work in groups again Divide the sections in the report between group members Write your section(s) of the report Combine these sections to form your (group) report

24 Activity 5 – the handout on report writing
Read the handout on report writing In particular read: Page 2 – what makes a good report Pages 11 and 12 – editing checklist

25 Activity 6: Presentations and discussion
Each group presents their (Word) report It may be printed Or projected Groups (or individuals) make notes of each presentation Using the handout as a reference They comment on good points And points that can be improved In each case relating the point made to a recommendation in the handout.

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