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Welcome to Second Grade!. A Little Back to School Humor:

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1 Welcome to Second Grade!

2 A Little Back to School Humor:

3 Special Class Schedule Monday: Gym Tuesday: Music Wednesday: Music and Gym Thursday: LMC Friday: Art and LMC-Lab Lunch: 11:55-12:25 Please make snacks healthy…veggies, fruit, granola bars, pretzels, cereal, etc. Due to allergies, no liquid dairy please. Thanks! *Arrival time is 8:50am, Start 9:00am *Dismissal time is 2:57(bus or rec) and 3:00 (walking and YMCA) *Please send a note if your child is doing anything different from their regular routine.

4 Reading Guided Reading – Leveled Readers, A-Z Readers Reader’s Workshop – Independent Reading Words Their Way (Spelling) Reading Stations – Grammar, Guided Reading, Comprehension, Fluency, Word Work *Assessments: Four Benchmark Tests, AIMSweb (106 words/min by spring), Spelling Tests (every other week) *ALL tests need to be signed and returned!!!!!!

5 Math We use Expressions by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 7 Units- Common Core Aligned Unit Tests and Quick Quizzes Please, please, please practice facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Math homework days- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday ALL tests need to be signed and returned!!!!!!!!!

6 Writing Lucy Caulkins Personal Narratives, Opinion Writing, Information Writing, Poetry Writer’s Workshop Journal Writing Handwriting

7 Science Balancing and Weighing Changes Mystery Animal Plant and Animal Life Cycles Measuring Insects

8 Social Studies Holidays, Seasons Map Skills Communities Fighting For A Cause

9 Grading Philosophy 4- Distinguished- Consistently achieves beyond grade level standard 3- Proficient- Meets the grade level standard (This is the expected level of student achievement) 2- Developing- Making progress toward meeting the grade level standard 1-Beginning-Has not yet met the grade level standard Report Cards will go home in December, March and June this year.

10 Homework Monday-Thursday In front of Take Home Folder Homework Chart Treat on Friday Unfinished Homework/Classwork

11 Behavior Chart Each child starts their day next to the happy dog. He is backed by green paper. There will be 1-2 verbal warnings if a rule is not being followed. If the rule is still being broken, the child will be asked to move down to the warning dog, backed by yellow. If the rule is still being broken, the next step is a the orange dog and finally the red dog. Yay!!! Lose 2 min. Lose 5 min. No recess of recess of recess note goes home

12 Read, Read, Read!!!! Children should be reading at least 20 minutes four times a week. Book-It!- Starts in October Book Orders-You can use the online option or send in a check. Our class online code: GPQCZ Book Fairs- Fall and Spring Libarary Books

13 Field Trip JUNE- Date TBA

14 Germ Free! May we please have…hand sanitizer, dixie cups, and antibacterial wipes????? We need to zap those germs!!!! Flu season is upon us! Students may bring in water bottles all year, but the cups are a great back-up in case they forget.

15 THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank you for all of your support! I couldn’t do it without you! I’m looking forward to a great year! You can contact me here at school from 7:50am-4:00pm, at 646-3370. (My extension is x3101, only before 8:30 or after 2:30) Email- Class website- 1. 2. At the top, drop-down menu, select “Charlotte Avenue” 3. Select “Level 2” 4. Select “Mrs. DellaPenta”

16 Before you go… Please fill out the parent information sheet and leave it on the desk. Please sign up for a conference.

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