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Intro to Power Tools Ag Mech I Class Notes. Objectives AM15.01 Explain how power tools are used in agricultural mechanics. AM15.02 Know and demonstrate.

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1 Intro to Power Tools Ag Mech I Class Notes

2 Objectives AM15.01 Explain how power tools are used in agricultural mechanics. AM15.02 Know and demonstrate how to use agri. mechanics tools properly and safely.

3 Power Tools I. Intro to Power tools and Use A. General Safety Rules 1. Care should be taken to use guards and to keep hands and clothing away from cutting parts of tools andequipment. 2. All safety procedures covered should be followed.

4 Power tools B. Tools and Their Uses 1. Band Saw- use and rules a. Keep fingers AT LEAST 2 inches from blade at ALL time b. DO NOT put fingers in front of blade c.. Guard should be SLIGHTLY above the height of wood 1). Un tighten by using back black knob- DO Not over tighten 2). USE SIDE KNOB TO RAISE AND LOWER d. Cut short pieces from long pieces

5 Power Tools e. Pieces that have been cut and are at blade-use extra piece to push out -DO NOT use fingers f. Short or sharp curves in wood require a narrow blade – ¼" or less. g. To help prevent the wood from binding, DO NOT use miter gauge and rip fence at same time h. A band saw used to cut metal must have a speed control that will slow the blade speed, and a metal cutting blade must be used.

6 Power tools 2. Drills- Cord and cordless a. How to use 1. Variable speed 2. Forward and reverse 3. Torque pressure 4. Types of chucks- holds bits a). Key-remove before using b). Keyless 5. Putting bit in chuck-tighten before using 6. Battery care

7 Power tools b. A center punch should be used to dent the metal before starting to drill a hole in metal. c. The bit should be tight in the chuck, and the chuck key removed before using a drill. d. Size of drill- determined by the shaft size of the drill bits used 1). Example- 3/8 “= largest shaft of drill bit used is 3/8” e. Hammer drill is used to drill holes in masonry f. Drill press is a stationary tool used to make round holes in wood or metal using a bit.

8 Power tools 3. Portable Grinder a. Size determined by diameter of blade 1. Blades made for metal & masonry b. Use ear plugs and face shield c. Operator should use both hands with a circular grinder d. Have the guard between you and wheel e. Check power cord before using for nicks or cuts- electrical tape f. It is unsafe to use a grinding wheel after one half its original diameter is worn away. g. Stationary grinder- Abrasive or wire wheel -used to sharpen and shape metal

9 Power tools 4. Sanders-Belt, palm and finishing a. Size based on part of sand paper 1). Belt- Width and length b. Belt sander requires operator to use both hands. c.. Belt should be turning before it is gently touched to the wood 1). Move with the wood grain until it is lifted from the wood, still running, when finished. d. After use, a belt sander should be laid on its side. e. A finishing or pad sander should be used to sand with the grain to get a smooth finish. f. Putting paper on palm g. Putting belt on Belt sander

10 Power tools 5.Compound miter saw is a cutoff type saw used to cut angles and square cuts. a. Parts 1). Table 2). Fence 3). Blade a). Size of saw determined by diameter of blade b). Combination saw blade b. How to use 1). Have wood marked before using saw 2). Keep fingers and hand out of circle 3).Put wood tightly against fence 4). Sight down blade and put blade on waste side 5).Hold wood with left hand a) Put longest part of wood on left side 6).Raise handle up, pull trigger and cut 7). When cut release trigger and raise blade

11 Power Tools 6. Jig saw (Sabre saw) uses a back and forth (up and down) motion blade to cut curves. a. Blade types 1). Wood 2). Metal b. Clamp wood down c. Put both hands on saw d. Start saw off wood

12 Power Tools 7. Router is used to make molding or designs in wood surfaces, dado cuts, and rabbet cuts. a. Use different bits to make different cuts 1). Molding 2). Grooves and slots b. Hold router with both hands off wood c. Start router and slowly move into wood

13 Power tools 8. Jointer- used to smooth edges of boards a. The depth of cut should be about 1/16" each pass. b. The last pass on each edge of the board should be with the grain for a smooth cut. 9. Planer- used to smooth top and bottom a. Nails, dirt and loose knots should be removed before the board is planed. b. The thinner end of a rough-cut board should be put in the planer first.

14 Power tools 10.Portable Saws a. Portable circular saw (Skil saw).1. Operator should use both hands with a circular saw. 2. Used to make straight cuts in wood. 3. Saw teeth should point toward front of saw used to cut wood. 11. Radial Arm Saw a. The wood remains stationary on the saw table, and the saw is pulled to the wood.

15 Power Tools 12. Table Saw a. To get the correct board width 1. Measure from side of fence nearest saw blade to the saw blade tooth nearest the fence. b. Install the correct blade with the teeth pointing toward the direction of rotation of the saw

16 Power tools 13. Abrasive cutoff saw (metal cutting chop) uses a circular blade to cut metal. 14. A nail gun is used to drive nails using air (pneumatic) 15. Reciprocating saw- Used in tight situations


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