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Technology Education Shop and lab safety Band Saw Scroll Saw

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1 Technology Education Shop and lab safety Band Saw Scroll Saw
Drill Press Sanders

2 General Safety Long hair and sweatshirt strings should always be tied back and out of the way of all machines. Horseplay in the shop will NOT be tolerated, and will lead to immediate consequences. Only one person is allowed on a machine at a time Safety glasses MUST be worn when you are working in the shop.

3 Adhesives, and finishes
Always wear safety glasses when using any adhesives or finishing materials. When necessary use dust masks when dealing with chemicals. Make sure to wash hands thoroughly when working with finishing materials

4 Cutting and fastening Tools
The following hand tools will be used during this class: Hammers Screwdrivers Box cutters Always cut away from yourself Be aware of your surroundings Hand Drills

5 Band Saw Vertical band saws Horizontal band saws Flat stock to be cut
Some have blade welders and grinders attached Feeds and speeds Horizontal band saws Used to cut round stock Automatic feed rate based on hardness of metal

6 Keep all safety guards and guides must always stay in place.

7 Adjust the blade guards to within 1/4” to 1/8” of the stock.
Guards blade from your fingers Guides blade along the track

8 Blade guards and guides
Blade guards that are over 1/4 inch above the work will lead to accidents and reduces the accuracy of your cut.

9 The material being cut must always remain flat against the table of the band saw.

10 Don’t cut round stock on the band saw.
The round stock may roll into the blade causing an accident. Only the instructor should perform this task while using a miter gauge.

11 Always be aware of your surroundings
Do not interrupt others while using power equipment. Stay focused until the blade has stopped moving. Make sure that there is no body within a two foot radius of you at any time.

12 Never back out of a cut until the machine has been turned off and you are sure that the blade has stopped moving.

13 If stock is smaller than four inches it is safe practice to use a push stick while feeding the stock through the blade.

14 Two Inch Rule Always keep hands and fingers at least two inches away from all blades.

15 Scroll Saw The scroll saw is used to make inside cuts for a tight radius. There are four basic parts of the scroll saw Safety guard On/off Switch Blade Workpiece table

16 Scroll Saw continued Remember the two inch rule when working with the scroll saw. ALWAYS keep the work piece flat on the table. ALWAYS wear safety glasses on the scroll saw

17 Scroll Saw continued The blades of the scroll saw should always point downward. Scroll saws are used for intricate designs and should not be used for rough cutting. Never change a blade. Always ask your instructor to perform any maintenance on the machine. The guard should always be 1/8”-1/4” from the top of the stock.

18 Drill Press Spindle Chuck Table Handle

19 Drill Press General Procedures
Eye protection meeting current ANSI safety standards must be worn at all times while anyone is working in the lab. Never make any adjustments to a machine while it is running. Never walk away while a machine is still in motion. Wait for the machine to come to a complete stop. Always take the chuck key out of the chuck before the machine is turned on.

20 Drill Press Continued Disconnect electrical power when changing blades, bits, etc. or anytime an injury could occur if the machine is accidentally turned on. Generally this requires that the machine be unplugged or the circuit breaker turned to the off position.

21 Drill Press Continued Drill Press Fundamentals:
Tie back your hair if it falls forward when you tilt your head downward. The larger the diameter of the bit, the slower the drill press should run. Always use the slowest speed with Foerstner bits.

22 Drill Press Continued The thinner the material, the more likely it is that the bit will grab it. Sheetmetal must be clamped to the drill press table unless you can grasp it in your hand at least 12" from the bit. Support the underside of the stock to be drilled. Never drill into the drill press table

23 Sanders There are three different types of sanders that we will be using. Belt sander Disc sander Spindle sander

24 Vertical belt sander The sander rotates in a downward motion.
It is similar to the actions of a conveyor belt. This machine is used for outside curves an rough sanding

25 Disc Sander This machine rotates in a circular motion.
The surface used to sand is in the shape of a disc. The sander always rotates in the same direction.

26 Spindle Sander There is a spindle in the middle of the machine in which the sand paper is placed on. As the sander rotates it also moves up and down. This type of sander is used for smoothing out inside curves.

27 Sander safety Always wear safety glasses when working on the sanders.
Keep fingers at least 2 inches away from any sanding surface. When using the disc sander always sand on the side in which the disc is traveling downward.

28 Summary Follow the safety rules.
Use laboratory tools only for their intended purpose. Follow the directions and safety guidelines as listed by the machine’s manufacturer. Always follow all safety rules posted on the wall by the machine

29 Review T F Round stock is always cut on the vertical band saw
T F While cutting on the band saw it is safe practice to cut with your hands in front of the blade. T F The guide on a vertical band saw should be adjusted 1 inch above the work piece. T F Before turning on the band saw you should stand to the right of the machine T F Some band saws come with an option of a blade welder and grinder on the machine.

30 T F Scroll saws are used for rough cuts only.
T F The guard on a scroll saw must be a minimum of 1” from the top of the work piece. T F When using the drill press, it is not necessary to remove the chuck key from the chuck. T F The spindle sander is used to sand outside curves. T F Never use the power sanders to sand very small pieces of material.

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