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By:Gord Darling Construction Technology

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1 By:Gord Darling Construction Technology
Tool Identification By:Gord Darling Construction Technology

2 Adjustable Wrench Turning various size nuts and bolts.

3 Allen Wrench Turning hex head socket screws.

4 Aviation Snips Cutting sheet metal.

5 Ball Pein Hammer Hammering metal.

6 Bar Clamp Clamping large sections of wood together.

7 Bent Nose Pliers Reaching obstructive or awkward places.

8 Bolt Cutters Cutting bolts & steel rods.

9 Box End Wrench Turning hex head nuts and bolts.

10 C Clamp Clamping two or more pieces of metal together.

11 Chain Saw File Sharpening chain saw file.

12 Chalk Line Reel Making straight lines.

13 Circular Carbide Saw Blade
Blade used on portable electric saw.

14 Cold Chisel Cutting metal.

15 Combination Oil Stone For sharpening and honing cutting tools.

16 Combination Square Determining 45o and 90o angles.

17 Combination Wrench Turning hex and square nuts and bolts.

18 Compass Drawing circles.

19 Compass Saw Cutting wood in close places.

20 Coping Saw Cutting curves and irregular cuts.

21 Cordless Drill Drilling holes with a tool that uses a battery pack.

22 Countersink Flaring top of hole for recessing head for flathead screw or bolt.

23 Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Surface and diagonal wire cutting.

24 Drift Punch Aligning holes.

25 Drill Press Vise Holding stock while drilling.

26 Dust Mask Protects the respiratory system from airborne particles.

27 Emery Dresser Smoothing face of grinding wheel.

28 End Cutting Nippers                              Cutting ends of wire, nails and small bolts.

29 Finishing Nail Nailing boards where head will not be noticed.

30 Framing Square Squaring cut corners and laying out stairs and rafters.

31 Glass Cutter Cutting glass.

32 Groove Joint Pliers Gripping when greater pressure is needed.

33 Hack Saw Sawing metal.

34 Half Hatchet Cutting and fitting wood.

35 Half Round File Curve and flat filing.

36 Hammer Drill Power drilling in concrete, brick or block.

37 Hand Screw Clamp Clamping wood together.

38 Level Leveling and plumbing.

39 Line Level Leveling between long distance points.

40 Long Nose Pliers Reaching into recessed areas.

41 Machinist’s Vise Holding metal firm while working.

42 Masonry Bit Boring a hole in concrete, brick, or block.

43 Miter Box Cutting angles.

44 Nail Hammer Driving nails.

45 Nail Set Countersinking nail heads.

46 Nailing Gun Rapid nailing using air, gas, or electricity.

47 Open End Wrench Turning square head nuts and bolts.

48 Phillip’s Screwdriver
Turning phillips heads screws.

49 Pin Punch Driving out metal pins.

50 Pipe Wrench Turning and holding metal pipe.

51 Plumb Bob Vertical plumbing to locate points.

52 Portable Circular Saw Sawing wood in construction projects.

53 Portable Electric Drill
Drilling holes with an external source of power.

54 Portable Jig Saw Making irregular cuts.

55 Portable Electric Sander
Power tool used for smoothing surface.

56 Putty Knife Applying and smoothing putty.

57 Roofing Nail Nailing tin, aluminum, fiberglass or asphalt roofing.

58 Router Making edges or designs in wooden surfaces.

59 Rubber Mallet Hammering to avoid marring surface.

60 Safety Glasses Protects eyes from the impact of foreign objects.

61 Safety Goggles                                     Protects eyes from liquids and vapors.

62 Screwmate Drills and countersinks flat head wood screw holes.

63 Side Cutting Pliers Holding and/or cutting wire.

64 Sledge Hammer Heavy hammering.

65 Slip Joint Pliers Adjust for holding various size material.

66 Slotted Screwdriver Turning slotted screwdriver.

67 Speed Bore Bit Wood boring bit for electric drill.

68 Straight Shank Drill Bit
Drilling metal.

69 Tape Rule Straight or curved measuring.

70 Torx Screwdriver Turning torx-head screws and bolts.

71 Try Square 90o squaring.

72 Vise Grip Pliers For extra firm gripping.

73 Wood Chisel Dressing and shaping wood.

74 Wood Mallet Driving non-metallic objects.

75 Wood Rasp Coarse filing of wood.

76 Wrecking Bar Ripping and prying.

77 Designed By: Gord Darling, Sydenham High School

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