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Primary Care Contracting Trish OGorman Assistant Director

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1 Primary Care Contracting Trish OGorman Assistant Director

2 Primary Care Contracting Implementation Service Improvement

3 Primary Care Contracting Tools and Levers from Primary Care Contracting Service Improvement Techniques

4 Implementation Helpline FAQs Website development QOF events Practice management guide Primary care contracting competency framework

5 Service Improvement Redesign Service QuISP PCC Collaborative Tools, Levers of PCC Fit for Purpose

6 Fit for Purpose Some Examples Practice Management Nursing change programme HR issues Good practice Practice Management Guide update


8 Aim Quality Improvement Skills for Primary Care (QuISP) is: –A training programme for practice teams to provide quality improvement skills to improve the care of patients. –A national programme delivered with a local focus allowing practices to work on practice specific needs.

9 How it will work locally DoH Criteria for 2004/05: Practice participation from 1/3 PCOs Practice topics to link to nGMS Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF) 30 New Trainers trained Timings: Training programmes to commence by April 2004

10 What will you learn Psychology of change The Improvement Model Analysis of information or data Measurement for Improvement Process Mapping Spread and Sustainability of change

11 What will QuISP help you achieve Effective team building Application of skills focused on specific practice priorities Quality improvement skills and tools to use, sustain and embed Greater empowerment to respond to and implement change more effectively

12 Programme Process Local training programme Multi-disciplinary practice team participation 3 1-day learning events over 2 - 3 months Action periods in between Practice- specific measures National capture of learning

13 North Bradford NPDT Centre Dr John Bibby Leanne 01274 366269 01133057120

14 Summary Quality improvement training for practice teams. National programme delivered with local focus. Various tools & techniques covered within the improvement journey. Many different improvements made. Programme is applicable to any team wanting to improve the quality of services provided.

15 The Collaborative Approach A methodology, developed in the US Involves developing a set of principles or change ideas Use these in conjunction with change management methods

16 Primary Care Contracting Collaborative Focus on the re-design of services and infrastructure needed to deliver the re- designed service Draw on existing expertise and good examples of primary care contracting Help practice teams and PCTs craft a service that is appropriate to the local population

17 Benefits Improved shared strategic view of primary care contracting Practices and PCTs, clinicians and managers as partners New GMS and PMS used as a driver for primary care improvement and innovation Utilising the new contracting arrangements to further improve access, choice and address health inequalities.

18 Benefits Improved use of skill mix within practice teams Better understanding of the need to link service re-design and the systems that will support it Improved clinical engagement Improved patient engagement Development of improvement skills to apply to other service areas and across the wider health community.

19 Service Areas Case Management of Complex Chronic Disease Management of Sexual Health Management of Common Mental Health Disorders

20 Processes Effective clinical and management leadership Transparent and shared understanding of local clinical priorities Use of acute information about capacity and demand Detailed planning of services based on core pathways Instituting effective demand management

21 Primary Care Contracting One site in each SHA area 2004-5 Roll-out 2005-6

22 Timescales Reference Panel - 10th March Recruitment & Selection process - April 04 Orientation - June 04 !st Learning Workshop- September 04 2nd Learning workshop - November 04 3rd Learning Workshop - January 05

23 What is involved for a participating team? Preparatory work -assessment of current service and commissioning systems - baseline measures including capacity & demand Participation in orientation & learning workshops Regular meeting of the local improvement team Implementation of ideas within action periods Regular reporting Plans for spread

24 Service Improvement Redesign Service QuISP PCC Collaborative Tools, Levers of PCC Fit for Purpose

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