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2 Health Care… a Dynamic and Exciting Career! Welcome to the World of Health Care! FIRST--Consider your area of interest. Therapeutic, Diagnostic, Informational, and Environmental Services Clusters NEXT--Make an informed career choice by enrolling a Health Science Technology program in high school

3 What is a Health Science Technology program?

4 What Can You Expect to Learn in a Health Science Technology program? Health Science Technology students have a knowledge of Health Careers, Work-based learning Patient assessment, vital signs Diseases, diagnostics, and treatments Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid Medical assisting skills Medical terminology Anatomy and physiology

5 What Does a Career in Health Care Mean For Me? A rewarding job Job satisfaction Position availability Work with all ages Specialty variety Excellent salaries Advancement Mobility

6 What Kinds of Patients Do Health Care Workers Treat? Lung disease patients Heart and cancer patients Neuromuscular patients Accident victims Premature babies Children Adults/Elderly Dead people Athletes Animals

7 Successful Health Care Professionals Have What It Takes in the Workplace! Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker Professional appearance Competence Team Player Willingness to learn Communication Enthusiasm

8 Health Care Professionals have these Positive Traits: Dependability Empathy Attitude Respect Patience Responsibility Honesty Self-motivation Tact

9 IF... You enjoy working with people You are looking for a career with job security You are interested in earning an above-average starting salary and in job THEN… A career in health care might be right for you!

10 Health Care Professionals are Everywhere!

11 What Do Health Care Professionals Do? In summary: Health care professionals contribute to our health, help us when we are sick, troubled, or injured, and work to protect our environment.

12 Where Do Health Care Professionals Work? Acute care hospitals Diagnostic laboratories Rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities Patients homes Patient transport services Physician offices Assisted living and retirement centers Educational institutions, including colleges and universities Industry Athletic teams: HS, college and professional

13 How Does the Job Market Look for Health Care Professionals? The health care industry in experiencing the fastest growing period ever. Skills That Work 2000, a workforce study lists 9 of the top 20 fastest growing occupations in South Carolina in health care. Major shortages are predicted for all health care workers in rural and urban areas.

14 How Much Do Health Care Professionals Earn? Starting salaries are above average. The salary range for health care workers is from $15,000 to $200,000+ depending on job responsibilities, education, and location.

15 Preparing to Become a Health Care Professional! Certification--3 to 18 months Associate Degree--2 year college Bachelor of Science--4 year college or university Master of Science--1 to 2 years past college And beyond…. Bachelor of Science Degree

16 Health Science Technology Program Requirements for Admission Prerequisite coursework in general education. Students should have a strong background in Math and Science. Regular attendance, clean discipline record

17 Health Science Technology Program Teachers and Course Offerings Teachers are Registered Nurses or other Health Care Professionals Available courses: –Introduction to Health Science Technology –Health Science Technology 1, 2, 3, and 4 –Emergency Medical Services 1and 2 –Gerontology –Medical Terminology –Sports Medicine 1 and 2

18 Learning By Performing HST students gain experience in a variety of areas: –Medical and surgical areas of the hospital –Intensive care units (adult, pediatric, neonatal) –Emergency room –Patient transport –School settings –Outpatient clinics and physicians offices –Home care –Long-term care facilities –Therapy departments –Dental offices –Nurseries/daycare centers

19 Health Science Technology students join a unique student organization--Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) –Community and school service projects –Recognition through the competitive events program –Travel opportunities –Leadership development –Scholarship awards –Networking statewide and nationwide This organization is recognized nationally. The mission is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care providing opportunities for knowledge, skills, and leadership development of Health Science Technology students.

20 Did you ever wonder what you would be when you grew up? As a Health Care Professional: –You can make a difference in peoples lives –Your work is interesting and meaningful –You are in a high-tech and exciting career –You are in a high touch, people-oriented profession

21 Health Science Technologys Mission: Quality Health Care Workers Personal Career Satisfaction

22 Health Science Technology Office of Career and Technology Education South Carolina Department of Education Phone: 803-734-0372 Fax: 803-734-3545 E-mail: Website:


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