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NURSING The Power To Make A Difference! By the NC Center for Nursing.

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1 NURSING The Power To Make A Difference! By the NC Center for Nursing

2 North Carolina: First in Flight - First in Nursing! 1903 – 1st to pass Nurse Practice Act 1903 – 1st to establish a Board of Nursing June 4, 1903 – 1st RN license issued to Josephine Burton in Craven County 1911 – 1st to establish a county health department 1989 – 1st to establish Nurse Scholars Program 1990 – 1st and only to provide Institute for Nursing Excellence

3 Nurses in North Carolina 1 of every 70 people in NC is a Nurse!

4 Nurses in North Carolina Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) – Over 21,000 Licensed LPNs – Over 14,000 LPN Work Force Registered Nurses (RNs) – Over 85,000 Licensed RNs – Over 58,000 RN Work Force

5 Nurses in North Carolina Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) – Nurse Midwives (137) – Nurse Practitioners (1,375) – Certified RN Anesthetists (1,160) – Clinical Specialists

6 A Knowledge Intensive Profession Critical Thinking – High Acuity Levels Problem Solving – Shorter Lengths of Stay Autonomous Decision Making Resource Management Strong Interpersonal Skills

7 A Lifetime of Variety! Work Settings Specialties Age Groups

8 Work Setting Variety! Hospitals Nursing Homes Clinics/Private Offices Private Homes Public health Departments Schools Colleges

9 Work Setting Variety Home Care Agencies Hospice Agencies Urgent Care Centers Rehabilitation Centers Mental Health Centers Industries Military

10 Area of Practice Variety! Medical Surgical Emergency Operating Room Obstetrics and Gynecology Orthopedics Critical Care Pediatrics Psychiatry Rehabilitation Dialysis Geriatrics Coronary Care Neonatal Intensive Care Women’s Health Flight and Transport

11 Client Population Variety! Newborns Babies Toddlers Children Adolescents Young Adults Middle-Aged Adults Older Adults

12 Variety of Career Entry Points Nurse Aide Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

13 Variety of RN Educational Programs Diploma Degree – Hospital Based – (2 years) Associate Degree in Nursing – Community College – (2 years) Baccalaureate – University – (4 years)

14 Opportunities for Career Progression Nurse Aide: $13,100 - 17,500 LPN:$21,770 - 29,900 RN:$32,500 - 44,200 Nurse Practitioner$44,000 - 56,000 CNM$55,000 - 66,700 CNS$42,400 - 76,000 CRNA$68,000 - 92,000 VP Nursing$85,244 - 175,000 Salaries compiled by NC Center for Nursing using an Economic Research Institute Database for the year 2000

15 Autonomous Practitioners RNs plan patient care RNs make decisions about treatment regimens NPs diagnose illness NPs prescribe medications Nurses are the “eyes and ears” of health care!

16 New Nurse Roles Advanced Practice Home Care Nurse Case Manager Clinical Trial Nurse Forensic Nurse Informatics Nurse Nurse Practitioner Telephone Triage Nurse Utilization Review Nurse Entrepreneur

17 Recommended High School Classes Math (3 courses - algebra I, algebra II, and geometry or a higher level math course) Science (3 courses - one biological science, one physical science and one lab course) English (4 English units) Social Studies (2 units - at least one US History Foreign Language (2 years - Spanish preferred) Health Occupation Education course(s)

18 Financial Assistance NC Nurse Scholars Program – Scholarship-Based – $3,000 year Community College – $5,000 year University NC Nursing Education Scholarship Loan Program – Need-based scholarship loans 1-800-700-1775 or

19 Learn more about NURSING NC Center for Nursing – National League for Nursing – Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society – NC Board of Nursing –

20 Make a Difference in Nursing Make a Difference in Life!

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