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So You Think You Want to Be A Doctor

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1 So You Think You Want to Be A Doctor
Ira S. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D, F.A.A.P.

2 There are over 200 healthcare jobs which require different types and levels of education. MANY different options Aside from doctors (MD, DO) and nurses (RN)… Technicians (ECG, surgical, x-ray, clinical lab, etc…) Dentists (dental hygienist, dental lab technician, etc…) Optometrists (ophthalmic lab tech, etc…) Sports medicine (trainer, physical therapist, etc…) Emergency medicine (paramedic, EMT, etc…) And many more! (genetic counselor, massage therapist, home care aide, nutritionist, speech pathologist, occupational therapy, etc…)

3 Education System Residency – Life Experiences Cert. Honor.
Graduate ( 2 -4 but 1+) Cert. Masters Prof D. Ph.D. College (0.5- 4) Cert. Assoc Bach High School (9-12) G.E.D. Tech Diploma Middle School (6-8) Med School: 12 yrs for H.S. Diploma 4 yrs college 4 yrs med school 3 + residency Total is 23 + years Elementary School (k-5) Preschool/Day Care

4 Healthcare Jobs: Technicians
Have you ever gotten an X-ray before? The person taking the X-ray was probably an X-ray technician Technicians are good at one particular task, like taking X-rays, checking your heart rate, or helping the doctors in surgery High School – certificate program

5 Healthcare Jobs: Emergency Medicine Technician
When you dial 911 because there’s an emergency, who comes to bring you to the hospital? You are usually brought to the hospital by EMTs (sometimes by a paramedic) An EMT is an emergency medical technician High School – EMT 6 month course High School – 2 year paramedic course

6 Healthcare Jobs: Nurses
What does a nurse do? What is the difference between a doctor (physician or surgeon) and a nurse? CNA – certified nurse assistant LPN- Licensed Practical Nurse AND – Associates Degree Nurse BSN – Bach. Science in Nursing MSN – Masters Science in Nursing APN – Advance Practicing Nurse

7 Healthcare Jobs: Pharmacist
What does a pharmacist do? Pharmacists work at pharmacies and hospitals They dispense all your prescriptions. They give you the medication you need to feel better and advise you about the medicine. 6 yr programs: Masters of Pharm or Pharm D.

8 Healthcare Jobs: Physicians & Surgeons
Can you name different kinds of doctors and what they do? Optometrist – treats your eyes Dentist – treats your mouth and teeth Podiatrist – treats your feet Medical Doctor(M.D.) – Osteopath (D.O.) multiple specialties: pediatric, internal, etc. 4 yrs college 4 yrs med school 3 + residency

9 Junior High (Middle School)
What should parents do to prepare your child for a career in Medicine (Healthcare)? Junior High (Middle School) Explore your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Consider careers. If your child is strong in science and math, explore the healthcare industry – consider all the options to find your field of interest. Study hard, your efforts and work will pay off – get the best grades in the hardest subjects that you are capable to learning. This will allow you to excel in high school.

10 Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell and Hear!
High School Students Keep studying science and math! Take as many advanced classes (honors or advanced placement) You want to experience healthcare using your 5 senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell and Hear! Try following an adult in healthcare for a couple hours or a day, ask your personal physician or call around. “Shadowing” Volunteer Nursing Home, Hospital, Physician’s office Research in the summer

11 When in College: Try to work in the field.
Take a health professions class at your high school Take extra curricular programs like Dr. Rubin’s Mini Medical School When in College: Take advantage of your college: study abroad, medical mission, clubs and societies, do well academically, best to major in a subject you like. Look up the prerequisite classes for the profession of your choice and take the classes on time and apply to the profession. Have a backup plan.

12 Thank you! You have a future in the field of Medicine!

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