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Erica Ciucci, M.Ed., GCDF Charleston County School District

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1 Erica Ciucci, M.Ed., GCDF Charleston County School District
Planning & Implementing an Effective Middle School Career Development Program Erica Ciucci, M.Ed., GCDF Charleston County School District

2 Key Elements Planning & Use of Calendar Classroom Integration
Extended Learning Opportunities Communication & Collaboration Use of Resources

3 Planning & Use of Calendar
Start early (i.e. --- spring for the next school year) Examine curriculum standards Compare career guidance standards Communicate with teachers, teacher coaches, administration Use Needs Assessments Schedule activities based on curriculum calendar

4 Planning & Use of Calendar
Create a format that fits you and your school environment Advantages: Accountability Comprehensive Delivery Communicates Expectations

5 Planning & Use of Calendars

6 Planning & Use of Calendars

7 Planning & Use of Calendars

8 Classroom Integration
Examine each grade level and each subject area curriculum Coordinate appropriate career development activities to most relevant subject areas Create Coherent Integration

9 Classroom Integration
Students able to apply classroom skills to real world situations Students understand relevance of what is taught in the classroom Students identify with lessons Students more likely to retain information

10 Classroom Integration
6th Grade Examples: ELA Business Letters & Job Shadowing Expository Writing & Career Research Reading Nonfiction & Speakers & Tie-in to ELA Science Microorganisms & Crime Lab Speaker Math Budgeting Workshops & Speakers Social Studies “Where in the World are the 16 Career Clusters?”

11 Classroom Integration
Other Examples: ELA – Job Applications & Resumes Keyboarding/BCA – PowerPoint or Publisher Brochures on Career Research Any subject – speakers to address standards (e.g. - nurse in 7th grade science class to address body systems)

12 Extended Learning Opportunities
Creativity is Key! Make Business Contacts Know Your Parents Know Your Teachers’ Families Work Site Tours, Job Shadowing can be free Partner with feeder schools, colleges

13 Extended Learning Opportunities
Work Site Tours Local Hospital Car Dealerships Job Shadowing Non profit agencies Parent Help Service Learning Local Elementary Schools Animal Shelters

14 Extended Learning Opportunities

15 Extended Learning Opportunities

16 Extended Learning Opportunities

17 Extended Learning Opportunities

18 Extended Learning Opportunities

19 Collaboration & Communication
Communicate with School Community (Parents, Staff, Neighboring Businesses) Create regular newsletters and maintain websites & bulletin boards Seek out incentives for parents & students who attend meetings Facilitate communication between elementary counselors, middle and high school counselors Communicate as a district

20 Use of Resources Seek Donations from Local Businesses
Partner with Churches Seek Transportation from High Schools Apply for Grants Get to Know Your Parent Population Contact Your Local Transportation Authority Fundraisers

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