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Rigor and Relevance… and Relationships High School Redesign Summit Winnfield Senior High School April 25, 2008.

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1 Rigor and Relevance… and Relationships High School Redesign Summit Winnfield Senior High School April 25, 2008

2 The Pride of Tiger Country… Excellent Academics

3 School Performance Scores… Our Story

4 2003…The Beginning of High School Redesign for WSHS Attended High Quality Professional Learning Conferences –Professional Learning Communities –Model Schools Conference Adopted Rigor/Relevance Model Increased Rigor of Algebra I Increased Rigor of Test Prep/Remediation Increased Relevancy of Curriculum and Course Offerings Increased SPS 14+ Points

5 Winnfield Senior High School Louisiana Model School We Can. We Will. Academic Excellence/Outstanding Growth Effective Professional Learning Community Successful Pre-GED Skills Program Internship Program Work Certification and Dual Credit Programs Advisory Plan Innovative Flexible Scheduling Academic Incentive Program Integration of Technology Character Education

6 2005, 2006, and 2007 ICLE and Model School Conferences Orlando, Florida June 2008

7 Rigor/Relevance Framework

8 Quadrants of the Framework A-Acquisition B-Application C-Assimilation D-Adaptation

9 Rigor and Relevance Knowledge Taxonomy –Awareness –Comprehension –Application –Analysis –Synthesis –Evaluation Application Model –Knowledge in one discipline –Apply to discipline –Apply across disciplines –Apply to real-world predictable situations –Apply to real-world unpredictable situations

10 Building Rigor Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum TOPS Curriculum Rigor and Relevance Framework –Lesson Plans –Senior Projects –Alternative Assessments –Test Prep Dual Credits Flexible/Creative/Innovative Scheduling

11 Meaningful, Rigorous Assessments Formative Assessments –Unit tests –Teacher quizzes –Teacher tests –Pre and post tests –Rubrics –Performance/project- based activities –Portfolios –Observations Summative Assessments –NRT –CRT –Mid-term tests –Final tests Common Assessments –School-wide –District-wide –State-wide

12 Dual Credits College Credit for High School courses. –LVS classes English IV, English Literature Advanced Mathematics I/Math 1020 and Math 1090 Fine Arts French I and II Latin I and II –LTC classes Business courses English III, Business English Welding Carpentry Early Childhood Education Certified Nursing Assistants –Certification Pharmacy Technician Certified Nursing Assistants

13 Building Relevancy Work-Based/Certification –Early Childhood Education with Daycare –Pharmacy Tech –Teacher Cadet (STAR) –First Responder –Certified Nursing Assistant –Computer Architecture –Work/Business Internship –Welding –Carpentry Guided Study Test Prep Read and Respond Special Presentations Credit Recovery Advisories Ninth Grade Initiative Senior Projects Dual-Credit Opportunities Alternative Assessments

14 …Relevant Learning Opportunities

15 Building Relationships Advisories Summer Bridge Program Mandatory Scheduling Meetings Celebrations Test Prep Groups Classroom Activities Duty Stations


17 Back to the 2007 SPS 400+ Students 52/46/2 Racial Makeup 70% Free/Reduced Lunch 140 iLEAP Takers 60 Options/80 Regular Ninth I LEAP Results –Options Index=30 –Regular Index = 96 GEE Results – ELA and Math down slightly –Science and Social Studies up ?

18 Rigor, Relevancy, Relationships Efforts were made to make transition from Winnfield Middle School smoother. (Relationships) All options students were placed in regular core classes rather than pre-GED non-credit courses. (Rigor) At-risk students were enrolled in Career Choices. (Relevancy) Opportunities to recover short-term and long- term credit are being provided. (All)

19 High School Redesign… What have we done differently? What else can we do? Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships Professional Learning Community Culture Data-Based Decisions Collaborative Teams Projects, Activities, and HOTS Well-Defined and Focused Curriculum Technology Advisories Parental Involvement Innovative Initiatives Work-based Certification Programs Internships Breaking Ranks II Training Literacy Efforts Ninth Grade Initiative Credit Recovery School High School Redesign in Progress…

20 Winnfield Senior High School The mission of Winnfield Senior High School is to provide learning experiences that produce responsible, informed and productive citizens in our community. We Can. We Will.

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