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Imperial Ship Management AB “2.0”

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1 Imperial Ship Management AB “2.0”
Risk assessment Wellcome to this presentation: NOTE : I have adopted a different back ground from the all black before….just a little light…hope

2 Rule Of Thumb   “All work or operations that can pose a hazard to Humans, Environment, Vessel or Company interests should have been assessed in one way or another aiming at minimizing any risk of unwanted outcome to occur.” Openning : All work should be seen in a safe aspect.

3 Risk Assessment A risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to identify those things , situations, processes, that may cause harm, particularly to people. The aim of the risk assessment process is to remove a hazard or reduce the level of its risk by adding precautions or control measures, as necessary. By doing so, you have created a safer and healthier workplace. Set a simple example where they have been doing a risk assessment by themselves which is not connected to work.. Example….what do you do before crossing a street? - is it allowed to cross the street in this location? - do I look on both direction to check any vehicles? Why do you do this when or before crossing?

• The ISM Code requires that the “safety management objectives of the Company should, inter alia,... establish safeguards against all identified risks...” • The ISM Code requires that the Company’s Safety Management System should “ensure that applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the .. Administration” Explain the guidelines presented by Authority which directly involes.

5 WHO ARE INVOLVED Shipboard Management
19.(COSWP) In so far as the Company is an employer on board ship, it has a duty to assess the risks to workers and others affected by its activities. The Company’s activity is the operation of the ship, and so it is responsible for co-ordinating the control measures identified in the risk assessments of all other relevant employers on board, as appropriate. (Coswp Section 1) 22. As a general rule the master will be the representative of the Company on board ship. (Coswp Section 1) Explain guidelines set out …existing that they should know…

23. Workers are required to (COSWP): • take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others on board who may be affected by their acts or omissions; • co-operate with anyone else carrying out health and safety duties – including compliance with control measures identified during the employer’s or Company’s evaluation of risk; • report any identified serious hazards or deficiencies immediately to the appropriate officer or other authorised person; • make proper use of plant and machinery, and treat any hazard to health or safety (such as a dangerous substance) with due caution. It is not just the officers or the company who should be looking after an individual´s safety - look back at the first example of risk assessment they made for them selves when they were crossing the street….did they do it for somebody else…or did they do it for their own safety? - Now apply this safe behavior in their work place…is it possible?...YES!! Because they have done it!!

7 How to fill in a Risk Assessment Form
Introduce the form by : identifying the parts and their use. each participant given a copy. Explain the improvements made….

8 How to fill a Risk Assessment Form
Procedures in filling out an On-board Risk Assessment form 1. Fill in required information such as vessel name, risk assessment number. 2. Choose the hazards involved under hazards category 3. Fill in column 1 with identified hazard. (code) 4. Identify the object to which the hazard may involve in column Fill in column 3 with a short description of the hazard. 6. Fill in column 4 with existing control measures. 7. Identify the initial Risk Factor in column Assess if initial Risk Factor is acceptable or not acceptable. 9. If initial risk factor is acceptable, work can proceed. 10. If initial risk factor is NOT acceptable, fill in column 6 for additional control measures. 11. In column 7, final risk factor identified. Explain the step by step procedure….

9 When to fill in a Risk Assessment Form
1.1.9 (COSWP) Regulation of Occupational Health And Safety On Board Ship is of course not new. Existing safety measures may already provide a high level of safety for workers. For example, well-established procedures, inspections by Safety Officers and the use of “Permits To Work” which control safety conditions, will contribute to the identification of hazards and measures for safe working . However, what is new is the explicit requirement in regulation for employers to adopt the risk assessment approach to occupational health and safety. This means that all work activities should be considered from a risk assessment standpoint. This where the importance of knowing when a WORK PERMIT can stand alone and when a RISK ASSESSMENT has to be taken into account. Work permit + Risk Assessment = SAFE WORK

10 Proper Risk Management enhances SAFETY
Risk Management is about increasing safety by identifying and analyzing what and where something can go wrong Minimizing the probability for it to occur Ensuring that you can reduce its consequences Risk Management is about increasing safety by learning from previous accidents and near misses – increasing your situational awareness Risk Management is about increasing safety by mitigating the risk by establishing safety barriers Doing a properly filled in risk assessment will not stand alone and not always…it should be continuously monitored…verified…revised…and applied to be effective. It will involve the company..the officers…the crew.

11 Impeial Shipmanagement 2.0
Proper management is what it is all about


13 Thank you!

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