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Monitor a Safe Workplace BSBOHS407A By Amorntip IM-UM ID : C62151.

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1 Monitor a Safe Workplace BSBOHS407A By Amorntip IM-UM ID : C62151

2 Welcome To Orientation Program

3 What is OHS stand for? “ Occupational Health and Safety” What is OHS stand for? “ Occupational Health and Safety” The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 is the cornerstone of legislative and administrative measures to improve occupational health and safety in Victoria

4 OHS Regulations The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2007 are made under the Act. They specify the ways duties imposed by the Act must be performed, or prescribe procedural or administrative matters to support the Act such as requiring licenses for specific activities, keeping records, or notifying certain matters.

5 OHS legislation The legislation has as its main objectives:  The reduction of work-related accidents  The elimination of risk to health and safety at work  The protection of persons at work against risks to health and safety  The provision for involvement of employees in the identification and management of health and safety issues.

6 Who is responsibility for OHS In the workplace it is the employer who has the main responsibility for OHS, although all employees are required to assist employers fulfill this responsibility

7 Duty of care:  The responsibility or the legal obligation of a person or organization to avoid acts or omission(which can be reasonably foreseen) to be likely to cause harm to others

8 Employer’s Duty of Care  Has responsible for the physical and the psychological health and safety of their employees  Identifying the risks to psychological health in the workplace  Developing and implementing measures to eliminate or control them as far as is reasonable practicable  Provide any information as employees needed  Provide training and supervision necessary

9 Employers' Duty of Care  Take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that anyone else who may be affected  Cooperate with employers to comply with the requirements of the Act  Report breaches of safety and potential risks  Work and behave in ways that are safe  Follow instructions and rules imposed by the employer

10 Code of Practice A practical and flexible guide for meeting OHS standards in the workplace

11 Health & Safety Procedures include:  Emergency evacuation (fire, bomb threat)  Manual handling(pushing, carrying, holding, lifting)  Reporting & recording incidents, injuries, illness  Use, maintenance and cleaning of equipment  Protective personal clothing requirement  Hazard identification & control  Etc.

12 Hazard means?  Anything that can potentially cause harm to anyone working in an organization or to the public

13 Hazard Management:  The identification of potential hazards in the workplace and the implementation of steps to eliminate those hazards

14 Hazard management process:  Identify hazards in the workplace  Assess the associated risks that may result from hazards  Control the risks

15 Why important those hazards are identified:  Permanent disability, ill health or death  Long term illness or serious injury  Injury that has acute symptoms  Injury that requires treatment in the hospital immediately after injury inpatient  Loss productivity  Business budget, Government budget  Family suffering  Community suffering

16 Types of hazards:  Physical hazard such as any impact on body, noise, ultraviolet radiation and heat and cold  Chemical hazards  Psychological hazards  General hazards such as torn carpet, safety signs, damaged equipment

17 What to do in an emergency?  Stop, think, act  Assist anyone in immediate danger if safe to do so  If the emergency is a fire, isolate the fire by closing doors  Rise the alarm  Or call fire brigade on 000  If the emergency is a fire, attempt to extinguish the fire if safe to do so  Stay calm and assist with evacuation through designated escape routes  Report to designed assembly point and await instructions from management or emergency service personal

18 Reference  k.html k.html    risk-management risk-management  ndTraining/HazardManagement/Electricity/TheAnswer/el ecAnswerHierarchy.htm ndTraining/HazardManagement/Electricity/TheAnswer/el ecAnswerHierarchy.htm

19 The End of Presentation

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