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Walk National Conference Marketing on a Shoestring Budget From the 2008 Walk Conference.

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1 Walk National Conference Marketing on a Shoestring Budget From the 2008 Walk Conference

2 Walk National Conference What is Marketing? Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.” – American Marketing Association

3 Walk National Conference How Does Marketing Help Walk? Why is Walk the signature fundraising event? Nobody will Walk or raise funds if they do not know about Walk or the Alzheimer’s Association

4 Walk National Conference Why Should I Focus on Marketing? Steps to Success – Engage More People How do you recruit teams and walkers?

5 Walk National Conference Steps to Success Build the Brand – What is Branding? A traditional advertising method used to create a response from a target audience based on cumulative impressions and positive reinforcement. The ads are aimed at increased product or company name awareness leading to lifelong customer purchasing. Consistency throughout the experience and at each Walk site

6 Walk National Conference Our Successes are What Will Power our Mission Our cause is ending Alzheimer’s not raising funds. The funds we raise is the means to achieve the mission Recruit Media Sponsors

7 Walk National Conference Marketing’s Impact on Revenue What ways do we raise funds for Walk?

8 Walk National Conference Sponsorship Why do companies sponsor fundraising events?

9 Walk National Conference Recruiting Sponsors Sell the Walk and the Association Corporate Sponsorship Proposals

10 Walk National Conference Participant Revenue How Do You Recruit Past Walkers? How Do You Recruit New Walkers? New Teams?

11 Walk National Conference Participant Revenue Once registered, do not stop communicating with your Walkers. – Ensure the brand stays consistent – Include information about the mission and the need for funding – Giving clubs, incentive levels/prizes, team banners, etc.

12 Walk National Conference How to Budget for Marketing Dedicate a small percentage of your budget to marketing and marketing materials For example, 8% of our expenses and 2% of our gross revenue Where to spend on marketing? – Paid distribution of brochures – Media partnerships- design costs – Printed materials- brochures, posters, flyers – Billboards, signs, banners

13 Walk National Conference Ways You Can Market for Free TIME- Make sure to budget the appropriate amount of Time Ways to Market for Free?

14 Walk National Conference Creative Ways to Market Brochures – Paid distribution Saturate a market – Brochure distribution by committee – Brochure distribution success stories

15 Walk National Conference Forget Me Not Flowers Raises Awareness & Funds Create partnership with local companies Provide all marketing materials to each company Boscov’s, Assisted Living Facilities, local restaurants

16 Walk National Conference Targeted Mailings Do you do a mailing? Who do you mail to?

17 Walk National Conference Team Recruitment Visits Ask for more than a team They can help market the Walk – Company newsletters – Display brochures and posters – Information on the check stub – Link on their website – Email to their employees

18 Walk National Conference Team Recruitment Success Stories Kelly & Associates Insurance Group Social Security Administration How can committee members and volunteers help?

19 Walk National Conference Community Partnerships Examples of Community Partners in our Chapter Pizza Hut Boscov’s Talbots Other examples?

20 Walk National Conference Media Sponsorships TV, radio, print ads in exchange for their logo in our marketing materials and at the Walk How do you secure a media sponsor? Cost of Media Sponsors – PR Consultant and Ad Designer if necessary

21 Walk National Conference Media Sponsorship Continued Ask walkers for their stories Suggest that walkers reach out to their local papers Committee members are perfect to highlight in local stories and to reach out to the media

22 Walk National Conference Community Events Professional sports games Table at lunchtime summer concerts Partner with Science Center or local museum during an exhibit that pertains to Alzheimer’s or the brain. Fairs, festivals, weekend activities and community gatherings Where to find the events: local newspapers, Google, etc.

23 Walk National Conference Email and Newsletters Use template emails Announce upcoming events, important dates, and information Encourage registration and fundraising Keep the brand in mind and stay consistent

24 Walk National Conference Creating Your Marketing Plan Steps to create Marketing Plan – Select areas to set aside funds – Determine Audiences – Determine best way to reach each audience Make a communication plan, who needs to be reached out to on a regular basis, who is in charge of reaching out, timeline for all communication.

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