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6 th Grade Ruben Hinojosa Elementary. Table of Contents Introduction of Teachers Subjects by Teacher Homework Homework Planners Progress Reports Report.

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1 6 th Grade Ruben Hinojosa Elementary

2 Table of Contents Introduction of Teachers Subjects by Teacher Homework Homework Planners Progress Reports Report Cards Grades School Support Parent Support Behavior Accelerated Reading Teacher Websites Online Adoptions Online Resources Content Vocabulary Math Facts Helping Your Child Succeed Tutoring UIL/Chess/Early Act (Mr. Sanchez) Skylerts (Mr. Sanchez) Lunch (Mr. Sanchez) Change of Transportation (Mr. Sanchez) Dismissal (Mr. Sanchez) After School Child Care (Mr. Sanchez) STAAR Assessments (Mr. Sanchez) Benchmarks (Mr. Sanchez)

3 Introduction of Teachers Mrs. Tucker English Language Arts Ms. Virgen Mathematics Course 1 - Course 2 Mrs. Ramirez Science Social Studies Conference: 2:35 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.

4 Homework Math: Everyday - Mon-Friday (subject to change). Reading: Reread the selection before Friday. Review vocabulary & study questions. AR read every night. Science: Tuesday Social Studies: Wednesday Composition: Complete at home if not finished in class. Grammar : Complete at home if not finished in class.

5 Homework Planners Students are to write their homework assignments in their Planners. Notes to parents will be written in the Planner, please sign to acknowledge. Weekly Spelling words will also be included in the planner under “Notes”.

6 Progress Reports Progress Reports will go home on the 3 rd week of every Reporting Period.

7 Report Cards Report Cards go home at the end of every Reporting Period. Parents are to sign the Report Card and send it back to the teacher.

8 Grades Students will get 2 grades per week on the Core Subjects. One grade every week for Handwriting, Art, Spelling, Grammar If the student was absent on a Test/Quizz day, and the absence is excused, the student will take the missing Test/Quizz. If the absence is not excused, the student will earn a zero.

9 School Support We focus on the need of every child individually. Support is used when: Child shows concerns on an academic area. Issues are not academic related and negatively impact the student in school in some way. Students are offered the following: Counseling- once a week Accelerated Reader Program After School Tutoring Computer Lab once a week » Reading coach » Reading Plus » Think- Through Math

10 Parent Support Parents are a very important role in their child’s educational path. Parents are a great help when working one on one with students at home. Check planner daily, or website for any updates or changes. Become part of the SPTSO Organization to help support our students and teachers The SPTSO Organization: Brings parents and teachers closer. Helps teachers with economic and non-economic resources.

11 Behavior Students are to be on their best behavior at all times. The Conduct Folder will go home every Monday to be signed by the parent. At the beginning of every Reporting Period the student gets 100 points.

12 Accelerated Reader Students are expected to meet the AR goals every Reporting Period. Students will get some time to read in the classroom, but it is expected from them to read 30 minutes everyday at home. Reading daily at home will help prepare your child to pass the STAAR tests. *The 6 th grade Reading STAAR is in English only, not Spanish.

13 Teacher Websites To visit the Teacher website: -Go to the Sharyland ISD webpage - Select Ruben Hinojosa School - Click the Faculty Tab - Select the teacher’s name, and it will direct you to her webpage.

14 Online Adoptions Math: Students have access to the Math book online: There is a Spanish version of the Math book online. Science: Social Studies: http://my.hrw.com Reading: http://irc.emcp.com /

15 Online Resources Students can login to the teacher’s website where they’ll find websites with resources. Mrs. Tucker Mrs. Virgen Mrs. Ramirez

16 Content Vocabulary Math: The Vocabulary for Course 1 & 2 is on the teacher website. Science and Social Studies: Students record all vocabulary terms in their personal notebooks. Students also have access to the book online and class text book. Reading: Students will record all vocabulary terms in their notebooks.

17 Math Facts Students will practice the multiplication tables every day. Reinforce of the 4 Arithmetic operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.

18 Helping Your Child Succeed Encourage Reading Encourage good study habits Encourage your child when doing well Complete Homework Daily Attendance A quick video just for you: https://youtube/CpJ0wDJf7Kc

19 Tutoring After school tutoring will begin soon, from 3:30 – 4:15 PM. Late busses are available. Teachers will send permission slips home to be signed by parents. Saturday tutoring will also begin in the fall, from 9:00 AM – 11:45 AM. Teachers will send permission slips home.

20 UIL/Chess/Early Act UIL coaches will alert students when they may try out for teams. After tryouts, coaches will send permission slips home with weekly practice schedules.

21 Skylerts Skylerts are general messages to parents and students from the school district and from Hinojosa Elementary. You may sign up to receive these messages on your phone or through your email. Just log on to Skyward, and select the Skylert tab on the left hand side to sign up.

22 Lunch Students go to lunch from 12:25 – 1:00 Parents’ must deliver lunch personally to the student and are not allowed to drop off lunch at front office.

23 Change of Transportation Please call the front office before 3:00 PM to inform about the change of transportation.

24 Dismissal Dismissal starts at 2:23p.m. Pick-up students report to the cafeteria and seated by grade level. Walkers are to report to the front school foyer and form a line by grade level Buses report to the Kinder hall area and load bus.

25 Ruben Hinojosa After School Child Care Ruben Hinojosa Elementary After School Child Care Opened Monday, August 31 from 3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Cost is $5.00 per day per student. Payment is due in advance.

26 STAAR Assessments May 9 (Monday) Mathematics grades 6 & 7 May 10 (Tuesday) Reading grade 6

27 Benchmarks Our first benchmark tests will be in October. Teachers will send home permission slips for students who teachers recommend for tutoring classes.

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