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Heredity Vs. Environment

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1 Heredity Vs. Environment
Does one influence the development of children more than another??

2 Heredity Heredity includes all of the traits from blood relatives that are passed down to a child. Heredity is passed down through the genes. Genes carry the inborn instructions that help make a person what he or she is.

3 Environment It includes first hand experiences from which the children learn. What children hear or read is also part of their environment, as are their relationships with others. The environment includes physical conditions such as food and rest.

4 NATURE VS. NURTURE Thoughts???
Another way to say this is… NATURE VS. NURTURE It has been argued over time as to which one has a greater influence on our development- Thoughts???

5 Let’s look at the following traits and see what influences them…

6 Hair Color Heredity

7 Color of Eyes Heredity

8 General Health of the Baby

9 Personality Traits of the Child

10 Physical Strength Both

11 Relationship With Family & Friends

12 Level of Education Environment

13 Body Type Heredity

14 Weight Both

15 IQ Both

16 Birth Defects Both

17 Risk Taking Both

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