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Instructions for the teacher are provided in the ‘notes’ section.

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1 Instructions for the teacher are provided in the ‘notes’ section.
Curriculum Overview P1 Hello! Where are you from? I’m from Wake up, bed time, breakfast, lunch, dinner Numbers 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 Colours Are they blue? They are red. School The teacher, desks, chairs, erasers, glue, pencils, pens, rulers, staplers, clock Toys Plural and single form. His dinosaur, Her kite, Their train. Prepositions Close, far, near, next to Sentences Is he sitting? Are they reading? Who is laughing? He is / She is Who’s thirsty? Are they happy? Verbs Ing form (sitting, reading) Instructions for the teacher are provided in the ‘notes’ section.

2 Good morning Good afternoon Good evening
Hello Good morning Good afternoon Good evening Hello. How are you? Good morning. I’m fine thank you. Are you sad? No, I’m happy. See you later! Introduce the new vocabulary to your regular greetings at the begining of lessons.

3 Morning Evening Wake up Night Afternoon Bed time
Timeline. Student should match the picture to the correct time. Help students match the words to the timeline by pointing out the meal time pictures. You can also introduce breakfast, lunch and dinner to those who are familiar with these words.

4 About me Hello. I’m fine thank you. My name is Spongebob.
I’m from the sea. I’m 8 years old. Hello. I’m ______________________. My name is _______________. I’m from _________________. I’m ____ _________________. The focus here is to write. Have student complete the right side of the screen.

5 About me: Activity What’s your name? How old are you?
Have you got a pet? What food do you like? What’s your favourite colour? How many brothers have you got? How many sisters have you got? What colour are your eyes? What colour is your hair? My name is... I’m... I’ve got / I haven’t got.. I like... My favourite colour is... I’ve got / I haven’t got... My eyes are... My hair is... Activity sheet – student should be able to complete this but review before giving to them. Practice the answers with them and depending on their level provide the activity sheet with or without answer prompts. Can be completed in class, in the after class or as homework. If you have a digital picture of the student, replace spongebob with their picture.

6 Prepositions: on, in, under

7 Put Dexter........ Dexter is... I am..
____________________________ the box. I am.. ____________________________ my house. ____________________________ on my chair. My feet are___________________my table. Tell the student to put Dexter in/on/under the box. They can draw on the whiteboard the location. Then complete the written activity. Complete similar written activities for them to do as extra work.

8 Reading Hello. My name is Ben. This is a picture of my classroom.
I really like my school and my friends. Today it is English class. On my desk I have paper, a pencil, a pen and an eraser. I am wearing a green sweater. My best friend is Tom. He has got a blue sweater and black hair. He is asleep! What is on your desk? What have you got? Ben Read the letter from Ben. Can the student find Ben and Tom in the picture? Encourage them to write a similar response using articles and prepositions.

9 Close to Far Near Next to

10 Reading Hello. My name is Mr Owl, I am a teacher.
This is my classroom. Next to me is a brown bag. Close to me a football, it is under a chair. Close to me is a happy owl. Under me is a sleeping owl. He’s got a yellow duck. He’s got a black hat and a book on his table. Far from me there is a blue table and a blue chair. The owl has got an apple, a teddy bear and many pencils. He’s got a yellow and orange hat. Which teacher am I? Students should identify the green older teacher owl.

11 Writing Hello. My name is... You are.... You’ve got.... I am......
I’ve got...... I am under, on, next to, close to, far, near Write a response and describe the owl. Have the student choose another own to describe it’s location.

12 School & Prepositions On Under In On my table there is:
What is on their table? What is under their table? What is in their bag? This lesson should link the prepositions learnt (in, on, under) with school objects and articles (a, an, -) On my table there is a pencil, a ruler and glue. Under my bed there is a teddy bear, a box, my shoes In my bag there is my books/a book, a pencil case, etc Use Dexter and DeeDee to practice talking about the subject if students are struggling. On my table there is: Under my bed there is: In my bag there is:

13 Verbs: Reading I’m Dee Dee. I can run, jump and sleep.
I can’t fly and I can’t swim. I’m a fish. I can swim and I can sleep. I can’t run, jump, clap, sing or fly. I’m Dexter. I can run, jump, clap and swim. I can’t fly. Insert student picture alongside the blue text frame. Encourage them to complete the text in the box. I’m I can I can’t I’m a bird. I can jump, sleep and fly. I can sing bird songs! I can’t swim, run or clap.

14 Reading & Writing From: Lucy To: You Hi!
My name’s Lucy. I’m nine. How old are you? Look at my photos. This is me. My favourite food is pizza. I like ice cream too but I don’t like cheese. What’s your favourite food? This is my family – my mum, my dad and my brother. I’m from England. This is my flag. It’s red, white and blue. Where are you from? I’m not in England now. I’m on holiday in France with my mum and dad. Look, this is the zoo in Paris. They’re beautiful and strong. I’m happy but I’m shy. Are you shy? Write to me soon. Love, Lucy Read the text with the student and discuss with them. Then write a response to Lucy.

15 Reading: A week in London
Last summer Sam and Katie were on holiday in England. They visited London for a week. On the first day they visited Buckingham Palace. The Queen wasn’t at home. On the third day they were at the Houses of Parliament. They listened to Big Ben. It was 8 o’clock. On the second day they visited Hyde Park. It was a sunny day. Sam and Katie rowed a boat on the lake. It was fun.

16 Reading: A week in London
Eye Read and write yes or no. Sam and Katie visited London last summer. Yes They talked to the Queen. ____________ They dived in the lake. ____________ They liked the dinosaurs at the museum. ____________ They were scared on the London Eye. ____________ They visited Big Ben at 7 o’clock. ____________ Circle the correct answer. Sam and Katie visit / visiting / visited London last summer. They talk / talking / talked to the Queen. They dive / diving / dived in the lake. They eat / eating / ate fish and chips. They laugh / laughing / laughed at the palace guards. They like / liking / liked London. Encourage to write their own holiday plans – you can use past or present tense: First day: visit the London Eye or First day: we visited the London Eye or Day 1: we are visiting the London Eye. You can use this to practice and review a range of vocabulary and tenses. Tower of London London Museum

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